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Hi, I have just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 months ago. I'm glad in a way that a diagnosis has been made, because i was constantly having pains and spasms all over my body for years. Being constantly tired too me is the worse thing. I can't seem to get going at all. My sleep pattern is all over the place. I am on 40mg of citalipram (Anti-depressants) at present, but not doing any good.

Can anyone tell me what their symtoms are, and how you cope? Thanks.

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Hello Gail.

Welcome to the site. I could give you a list of my symptoms but it would probably not do you much good as we all suffer from differently

The main symptoms are, pain, Fatigue, Cognative problems to do the way our brains work,( we call it Fibro fog). And sleep problems.

These are what most of us suffer from.

To find out more this is the link to out mother site where you will find a lot more info.

Why not take a look and then you can come back to us after.

See you around.


Gail62 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Sue for that. I wish my family could understand the problems i'm having to cope with.

I'ts a relief that i can talk to people who understand.

Having a diagnosis is reassuring as you have confirmation that it's not all in your head. There are many schools of thought about what causes the plethora of problems we endure, but most seem to agree that our nerve signals misfire telling our brain that there is pain when none exists. But updates are appearing regularly.

You don't say who diagnosed your Fibro. The reason I say that is because of your Citilopram. There are a few common drugs used, Amitriptylene, Gabapenton etc. I'm on Amitrypteline. It does help me. It is designed as an antidepressant but it has been found to help with nerve pain, which is why we get it. It also has a sedative effect and allows me to get some sleep. It was a rheumatologist who prescribed my meds, and diagnosed me. If you haven't seen a rheumatologist I suggest that you ask for a referral.

Everyone on the forum has been through it before and you will find plenty help on hand. It is much quieter on the forum at weekends. I look forward to seeing more posts from you 🐸

Gail62 in reply to Sorebones

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I did see a rheumatologist who diagnosed me with this condition. I was on 20mg for years because of depression but, she advised to increase this to 40mg a day. I am awaiting to have an gastronimy because i have been retching quite a lot. I'm also on Lansoprasole for Hyatus Hernia. I hope to start with different meds for fibro once my stomach is sorted.

Welcome to the club that I sincerely wish you hadn't had to join. Mayrose has given you a great link as as she quite rightly says we all have different symptoms.

I too was put on Citalipram but found that the side effects far outweighed the benefits so came off it. There are quite a few different medications for fibro and unfortunately it is often a case of trial and error to find one that helps you.

Good luck with finding something and do come back and ask any specific questions you would like help with as I am sure someone in this friendly forum will only be too willing to share their knowledge with you.x

Gail62 in reply to rosewine

Thank you so much for the info.


Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read that you also have this horrid illness and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

It may be beneficial to discuss pain medication with your doctor now that you have a diagnosis? There are plenty of medications that they could talk to you about and other alternative therapies such as hydrotherapy, physiotherapy etc. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Gail62 in reply to TheAuthor

Thank you so much for that Ken.

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