Hi everyone, I would appreciate some advice - what's the best time to take Amitriptyline and then what time to go to bed to get the most benefit?

I've tried various combinations and can't seem to get it right, so anything that works for others I'm willing to try.

Update on hyperbaric oxygen treatment, unfortunately I was unable to proceed with this due to my GP wanting £26 to sign a form to allow it to go ahead, however I have spoken to some of the people who go for various health issues and they all say it's of benefit and CAN reduce pain. Worth trying anyone interested in the Aberdeen area let me know and I'll pass on the details to you.

I've just had blood taken to check for RA and vitamin D deficiency, does anyone else have low vitamin D and how does it affect you? What treatment do you receive?

Thanks to everyone who replies, I appreciate it.

Have a good restful night with more than a couple of hours sleep, may we all sleep peacefully and soundly 💤

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  • Hi Amitriptyline - 20-30 minutes top s before settling down. Works for me assuming everything else is ok.

    Not sure what you mean re. oxygen treatment & pain relief? I have oxygen concentrator but it's not related to pain treatment. Feel free to contact me again if you want more info.

  • I always take mine at about 7pm and go to bed at about 10ish, I hope this helps. :)

  • I'm so glad to hear that.mi can fall asleep for a few hours but it's over three hours after I take 60mg .... With all the people on the Internet saying they fell straight to sleep after 10mg I was starting to feel like a real that I didn't fall asleep straight away....


    I'm not a freak.... Or...we both are.. Lol


  • I take about 6 and fall asleep after 9 .. Been upped to 60mg now with a view to 70 next week but it's not seeming to help at all with the shooting pains I wanted it for

    Can I ask why you take it? I'm getting annoyed reading all over the Internet 'wow I took one tablet and I was out like a light ' lol .. I'm rattling on 6 with no change so far but the doc just wants to keep upping it you think it's cheaper for them to fill me with amitriptyline than to let me try the pregabalin the OT suggested she thought would work for my neuropathic pain? Lol..


  • Hi, I have neuropathic pain and was prescribed neurontin (gabapentin). I think amitriptyline is their default medication so pursue their reconsideration of your symptoms and ask ''is this the best drug for me/what is the research evidence etc? Good luck

  • I haven't seen my own doctor in two years. I have to send my husband with a typed letter from me each time lol. I think they are seeing if upping it will work before going on. I don't know. It's like I'm a bystander in my own treatment sometimes lol


  • That's shocking, won't your doctor pay you a home visit, a letter can only tell so much and there's so much more to Fibro, I can tell when my partner or friend are having problems because it shows in their faces, even if they say they are fine. We all try to cover up how we truly feel to protect our loved ones but in reality we only hurt ourselves more xx

  • They don't do home visits. They do do telephone consults but I can't talk very well and get confused unless I know exactly what questions are going to be if you see what I mean. My occupational therapists visit me at home as do all my other care providers but doctors these days I guess do not have the time now with all the extra stress and paperwork for home visits like used to be x

  • Hi Scottish-piglet

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you could not go ahead with your hyperbaric oxygen treatment, I always find it totally disgusting when somebody on a very good salary cannot cannot sign a piece of paper for free for somebody who cannot afford the fee.

    I do not take Amitriptyline so I cannot really pass a comment on that I am afraid, sorry.

    I genuinely hope that your bloods come back okay for you. I have Osteoporosis and therefore am prescribed 'Accrete D3 to keep my vitamin D levels up. It is a very large tablet but it can be broken in half. Along with this I have Alendronic Acid.

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck and have a wonderful restful sleep yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken :) :)

  • amitriptyline made me wet the bed it was horrid x

  • Oh no Sarah I can often wet myself as it takes me such a long time to get to the loo and sometimes I fall and can't get up in time. Never a good thing *gentle hugs*

  • Hiya my name is Billie (belinda) I live in Turriff I have fibromyalgia. I just wanted to tell you that I also take amiltrityine my dose is 85 mg , you would start at 10 mg and the doc can put you up to any dose ,not over 85mg as that's I was told is the highest. I think I would like to more into what you was on about please oxygen treatment . Have you been to see the pain team at the ari at all ! I have and they great and can give you stronger meds as the doc can only give you tramadol which I also use . Please let . Xx Billie

  • Hi Billie

    I used to go to Turriff a lot when I was younger, my friend aunt and uncle used to run the children's home - it's no longer there.

    I've not been to the pain clinic or anything else.

    The hyperbaric centre is a charity run by the MS Society and is based in Kirkhill Industrial Estate, Dyce. People are very friendly. There are only two options for starting times 9.30 and 11am, you have to go every day for 20 days to get the best benefit and then I think it is once a week, they also offer massage and reflexology but you pay for those or make a donation, can't remember which.

    Let me know if you want more info.


  • Thanks for the comments, I was prescribed Amitriptyline to help me get some sleep, doctor keeps telling me to up it but when I do I can't function the following day and feel totally spaced out, my mum thought I had taken an overdose until I showed her the box which has the dosage on it.

    I take my tablets about 7 and go to bed at 10, if I'm lucky I fall asleep about 3am and waken about 6 but never feel like I've had a sleep and I can't fall asleep during the day no matter how much I try.

    Does anyone have any tips on how to get some sleep?

    Hot milky drinks, warm baths, soothing music, none of it helps 😡

  • Hi yes that's sounds great but do I need a doctors referral . Hope you have a great day today xx Billie

  • Hi

    If you contact them they will send out paperwork to be completed, you need your doctor to sign a form saying it's ok nothing more than that, it's just for their insurance purposes. If you do try it let me know how you get on xx

  • Hi I forgot to tell you I take amitriptyine 85mg 100 tramadol 150 mg pregabalin two parecetamol . I take the meds about 3 hours before I go to bed as I find it doesn't work , I think your body gets used to these meds over time . Hope that helps in any way xx Billie

  • Hi to be honest I haven't found anything any other meds that work , if I am really bad I have lidocaine patches from the pain clinic which help . I work two shifts a week and they are 12 hour 7-7 day or night shifts . I can sleep all day long I am always tired as fibromyalgia one of the symptoms 'chronic fatigue ' , I am really tired and I just keep moving because it's when stop that when I gets me . When I get home I take I take meds ASAP or they don't work you have to catch it before it starts as I would be on shift at 7 the next day , if I have a bad night I don't bother telling anybody because they wouldn't understand. So yes the meds work but only if you catch it on time .vv Billie

  • Hi

    You are fortunate still to be able to work, I had to give up as it was a huge effort and so much pain to get there, I had to have a sleep in my office for about an hour before I could start work, but I so miss it.

    As pain is a constant for all of us with Fibro then not sure what you mean about taking media before it starts.

  • Hi Scottish-piglet. I take 50mg of amitriptolyne every night. I take it when I'm getting in bed. I then read for about twenty minutes, and can't keep my eyes open any longer. I've never had trouble getting to sleep, but on waking felt more tired than when I went to sleep. My doctor sent me to the sleep clinic, and it turned out I have sleep apnoea. I stop breathing 27 times an hour, 160 times in one night, so that's why I feel tired. I now have a CPAP a machine that pumps air into your lungs, to stop your airway closing up when you're asleep. It's not very comfy to wear but I'm getting used to it after a week. The plus side is I wake up refreshed, and have more energy in the mornings.

    I hope you find a good time for you to take the amitriptolyne, my doctor said they give them out like sweets.

  • when I take it, I always take it at night just before turning in. Thinking about taking it earlier as bit other wordly in the mornings.

  • I take 3 tablets 2-3 hours before going to bed and I find that works for me I guess everyone is different So best of luck whatever you do

  • I take mine between half an hour to an hour before sleep. I usually take it, then read for a while before turning out the light.

  • i take mine about one hour before bed. eases some of my pain, but I don't always sleep. good luck, hope it helps x

  • I take 25mg Nortriptyline (sister drug to Amitriptyline) about 6.30pm and go to bed about 10.30. The rheumatologist told me to take it 12 hours before I wanted to get up in the morning and this way I would avoid the spaced out feeling that can sometimes happen.

    It works for me and I sleep much better than I have for years.

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