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Hi I have only been diagnosed with fibromyalgia for a couple of wks even though I've had symptoms for about 12 years even more I'm having a really hard time either standing or walking for more than a couple of mine do any of you usecan stick and does it help tried to ask GPS today but he hadn't got time to talk waited 4 wks for a appointment he gave me my new medication vitamin d tramadol naproxen overalls and amitriptyline also had a guard made to help my jaw why I sleep just feel like I've won a battle after it taking so long to get some help but fear I'm still fighting a war

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  • I have to use crutches sum times an it does make it a little easier to get around x

  • Hi I use forearm crutch also scooter , started with a stick and have progressed to crutch because the pain in wrist is excruciating it has now progressed to elbows and shoulders ,I get very tired from walking and can only walk slowly. So GP has told me that I must use scooter more , and not to push myself .



  • I haven't left the house since Sept only to go to doctors he d dint have time to talk to me about my walking got to wait till 22 Dec for next appointment really need to go out before then but can only walk for a couple of min ill have to look online to see what I need to buy seems a bit strange and I feel a bit guilty buying a as aid without dr telling me to but don't know where else I'd get one from been referred to physio but that co uhh or take months to come through every thing takes such a long time don't want to be left in the house rotting away cause I can't get mobile xxx o if GPS ain't got time to sort me out have to f2f o it myself could do without the expense though thanks for the reply x

  • Hi you can't do a self referral yourself , we do that in Wales , I was told it's quicker I was put down as urgent by receptionist at desk at local hospital ,I was seen by the end of week , however you can also do a self referral to social services , they will also give you adies to help from bathroom,kitchen , chairs also stair lifts. , have you got a disability advocate in your area as they can help you ,I must say I bought my crutches my self as they physio dept didn't have the type of crutch I needed I bought mine off Amazon,but if I had more money at time I would have bought the one for Β£100.00 as it is lighter , I bought two made from traditional materials for Β£60. the lighter one looks much better if I lived by you I would give you my spare to try.

    I at moment only go out to hospital appointments, ,everything is just to full on for me ,to cope I see the go every 3/4 weeks and I have hospital appointments 3/4 a month sometimes 2 in a week , so to tired for anything else .


    Chris. X

  • Thank you for that and all the best to you x

  • My typing terrible needs to be decoded before its read sorry

  • No mote than mine πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

  • I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your new medications, and I sincerely hope that they work well for you. I use a tri-walker as my walking has become so poor, so I see no reason why you shouldn't use a stick if you need one. I know many members on the forum use sticks and some use scooters for going out.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello 😊 when I first found it difficult to walk , I started off with a cane, but like others on here , it became too painful for my hands. I also use crutches now and also have a wheelchair when my legs are crippled with the pain. I also got mine from amazon. The crutches, I only use one on my right hand side and they help me with my balance as well.

    I don't know what area you live in, but there are a lot of online " freegle" sites around that might be able to help you out, and if you were near me, you could have my spare ones! I'm just outside London, in Staines, I do hope you get it sorted out. ...Much love. ..πŸ’•πŸ’•

  • Thank you I live in Dudley the black country so quite a distance cm you but thank you for he offer iv used a canine for the first time today still only managed a couple of minutes but at least I sat the end of my drive and back x

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