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Flare up


I am at present experiencing a very bad flare up with my fibromyalgia, I am in so much pain don't know what to do with myself, sadly a lot of my family and friends just don't understand. I am beginning to feel very depressed, I am on citalapram for depression, levothyroxene for my under active thyroid and HRT plus 30 mg of amytriptyline at night and zoplocone if needed, I need to take some strong painkillers to make the pain ease, I have naproxen or zapain, what is the best and strongest to ease some of this pain . Many thanks julia

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Sorry you're having such an awful day. I take 100mg of amitriptylene at night which seems to ease things but I have been lucky enough not to have to test it's help under flare up conditions.

The best thing you can do is chat to your doctor once you've had a few answers to see what would suit you best.

As you know, we are not medically qualified to help you so any meds that you do take must be under a doctors guidance.

Try some heat from a hot water bottle in the mean time. I find that it helps turn the pain a notch or two. Hope you get some relief soon 🐸

juliao in reply to Sorebones

Thank you for your reply , it's very lonely when you feel so bad, I have got an appt with my doctor on Tuesday , which hopefully will help with my medicine issues. I have my electric blanket on now and trying to relax a little, thanks again.

Redhots7 in reply to Sorebones

I take Hydrocodone and wear a Butrans Patch that I change weekly. I also have a TENS Unit. Where is most of your pain ??? The TENS is especially good for back , butt (sciatica) and sometimes leg trigger points. I have recently discovered a another product called OUTBACK PAIN RELIEF Roll On.

It is all natural and you can order thru Amazon. It has really helped and works fast. I also use heating pad. Another source for pain relief over the counter is Salonpas patches (can buy at drug store). The ones in small green boxes is best for me. Put one on all trigger points that are really bothering you. Many nights, I have put several patches on. Keep trying different things til you find what works for you. There are so many things that can help you. Keep posting and let me know how you do.

Hello Julia

I'm so sorry to hear you are having a flare and are in so much pain

Have you been prescribed the Naproxen and Zapain? If so, there is no reason why you cannot take both of them provided that you make sure you leave at least four hours between taking them. For example take whatever doseage you've been prescribed for the Zapain, then leave at least four hours before you take the Naproxen.

You must never take any medication at all that has not been prescribed for you by a doctor or consultant.

Because different medications suit different people we don't know what works best for you.

I am not medically trained and am not a doctor, but as it is the weekend and you cannot see your GP I'm trying to help you as best I can, within the guidelines and policies that we have to abide by on the forum.

Wishing you wellness and peace

Lu xx

Thank you so much , I have just taken the zapain so will wait 4 hours and then take naproxen, thank you so much for your reply, it means a lot

BlueMermaid3 in reply to juliao

You're so welcome 😊 Has the Zapain started to work?

Did your GP also prescribe you something like Omeprazole for when you take the Naproxen. If not, perhaps it would be a good idea to discuss it with your GP on Tuesday. Naproxen can be hard on the tummy so the Omeprazole will help to protect it.

If you feel lonely, please don't hesitate to put up a post explaining how you are feeling.

Being in chronic severe pain is extremely depressing. Even more so if you live alone or don't have an understanding partner.

There is always someone around that you can chat with. Please let us know how you are feeling now?

I can already feel my electric blanket calling me!

Sending you a gentle hug

Lu xx

I'm so sorry you are experiencing so much pain. I use ibuprophen which is not a time released NSAId and I can take it every four hours...although I don't think it helps much for me. I'm not familiar with the "z" medicine you referred to but I always call the pharmacist to confirm taking medicine together or in regarding how to do it safely. If you are struggling, please consider telling your Doctor... A few people in Uk are given a mild narcotic for acute flair ups by their doctor. It's worth a try...just ask. Also, it is not medicinal, but at night when I have that deep aching pain or sharp intolerable constant pain that increases...you know, the type does let you fall asleep... I give nyself a massage to the affected area by my own hand (or sleepy hubby) can be helpful...sometimes, surprisingly it can give temporary relief or longer. Good luck,sincerely.... I hope you get a bit of relief very soon!


Hi, I'm sorry you are having so much pain and you are not getting the understand I G and support from family and /or friends. Unfortunately, some of us here have the same apathy towards our illness/chronic pain. Please make sure you have let your Doctor know what is going on with your pain level, lack of sleep and all that is included in making life miserable for you right now. That is very important to make sure you are advocating for yourself....you must do this even if it feels futile. If you don't ask for help....won't get any.. So please ask, maybe you might a solution doing so. Just wanted to send some love and care to you. Please message me anygimr, you are not alone...but just an FYI...I am in US si if i dont reply as quickly, vthat us likely why...but I also don't sleep much/well .. So I might be able to do so. Lol :)



Have you had antibodie tests for your tyroid because if your autoimmune tyroid Ie :. Hasimoto you can flare ups with cronic pain also . Ask your doc to test u for antibodie an t3 levels worth a try to find out 🌸

Hi juliao

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are suffering and struggling so much at this time, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to your pain issues. I can see that you have been given some wonderful answers to your post, so I will simply genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


Hi sorry your in a bad place just now I had to come off prozac because I needed stronger pain killers I was going mad now I've got tramadol taking 2 50mg tablets and 2 500mg tablets at same time also muscle relaxants so!metimes the pain is so bad I have to take 3 tramadol but then I get itchy at moment anxiety kicked in cause off the prozac have to take propananol but chin up you will find something to help at least just enough to help you cope I know you don't feel

Like that just now but you will go to your doc and tell him that you can't cope with pain any more that's what I did he said well we need to get this under control hope you get help soon will pray for you take care maria😑

There is some evidence that T3 can help with fibro an much better than a load of drugs.

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