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Just had a phone call telling me i have my assessment to change from incapacity benefit to ESA after i supposedly missed one in september even though i didnt receive an appointment. Also i had amedical which was supposed to have changed me over a couple of years ago. I filled the forms in two years ago in August and dont understand why new forms havent been sent out as a lot has changed since the last lot. Can honestly say i am worried about the whole thing. Havent slept all night as it is and to be honest i wish it was this week not almost a month away.. I hate these things as they can take away your money just like that. My hands are very bad along with my hips and knees and back ijust hope thats rnough for them. After my hand appointment last week i was finally teferred to a rheumatologist so hoping things might improve a little. Sending hugs to all


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  • The new ESA assessments are carried out every 2 - 3 years and seemingly they have tricks to catch out the liars and cheats.

  • They have to supply you with a new esa50 form prior to assessment and the time to fill it in.This is one thing maximus(the new Atos) got pressured on and agreed to.Please have a look on the benefits and work site as there was a news article on it a few months ago as the form,esa50, is part of the assessment procedure so must have up to date info on it .

  • Thank you for that information I have a support worker going with me which hopefully will help.

  • I hope rheumy helps you! Hugs to you too! Wish I could give advice about the other but I live in states. So sending you a pair of nice virtual warm gloves for your hands.

  • Thank you for the virtual gloves keeping my hands nice and warm lol

  • So sorry your going through all this but I like you had filled in forms etc in past 18 months but had to start all over again a few months ago.

    All I can say is Fill allforms in cross the t,s dot the eyes .

    We really have no CHOCIE in the matter if we want what we are entitled to.

    It's took me a long time but all we can do is follow the rules but at the same time be treaded like a human being in the first place.

    Try not to worry just do your best.

    Sending hugs


  • That was the thing that surprised me that I had no new forms to fill in my last ones were August 2 years ago.

  • Unfortunately you have to very much focus on the bad aspects of living with your condition to get points. The assessment tool used is odd to say the least. I looked at a job as a nurse assessor for Atos but changed my mind as I really don't think the assessment tool is fit for purpose. You have to go in to those appointments with your worst days in mind and not your best. Don't try and go the extra mile during the physical assessment. As soon as you are in pain, stop! When you are asked about daily activities, answer them with examples of bad days. Also, you will be assessed from the moment you are met in the waiting room.

    Fill out the forms with the same advice.

    Hope this helps,

    Best wishes,

    Rachel xx

  • Thanks Rachel luckily or maybe not luckily every day is a bad day at the moment especially with my hands and knees. So don't need to even think of it as being worse. My daughter just said I look in pain we had been to the dentist for a check up. Seeing my GP this afternoon which I don't even want to do because I don't like him but need to see him about my knees as I can't go on like this. Thank you for your advise it's much appreciated from everyone.

    Jackie xxx

  • Hope all goes well Jackie and take care

    Rachel xxx

  • Use the time to gather up all the information to help your case. All best wishes. Lou xx

  • Hi jackie4ball

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are worrying so much about your assessment and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    I would try to ensure that you are not alone with the assessor, and try to have your partner or family member with you at all times just in case that you need a witness to what you have said during the assessment.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hopefully my support worker will be with me she was going to come to the drs this afternoon with me but has cancelled so I hope she doesn't cancel on the assessment she says she has it in her diary she is the only person I can take with me.

    Thank you for the advice I just hate these assessments as you see so many people being taken off the benefits and it's normally the ones that need it.


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