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Hi ladies Really hope your all good just to let you all know id didn't get my mobility :( but what they did give me was the standard care component. Well this is all good and really hope all those waiting or trying for please carry one this has made such a difference to my well being. But this is the surprise this week my money wasn't in my bank so I rang worried id lost my claim or something and guess what I hadn't. There was a little hold up with the administration side because with the care component comes the extra care money to pay someone or use myself to help me where I think I need it, wwwoooowwwwwwwwww

no seriously keep on with it it is not just the money its the award that says we can stay independent and recognised too good luck all love and blessings fibro friend xxx

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Glad you had some good news. :-) Enjoy your extra funds and don't always spend them wisely!

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Thanks for sharing such positive thoughts for everyone going through this tough 'benefit claim' ride and congrats at your award and yes a bit sad you didn't get the mobility but like you say it's the recognition that matters most so you can keep trying to get it :)

{{{{{{{{ RS }}}}}}}}} fleecy fluffies and smiles for you :)

xxx sian :)


ty you understand the illness sucks but the recognition helps you feel taken care of xx


Well done make sure u injoy it and fined something that puts a smile on your face xxxx every little helps x




glad you have got good news with the care component shame you didn't get mobilaty you deseve a nice treat as a reward.x


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