Hi everyone just to let you know,after having that horrible pip medical and the man getting my husband up tight when he asked what they were doing to cure my fibromyalgia. The dreaded brown envelope arrived today.And what a surprise awarded daily living enhanced rate and mobility standard rate. It was a surprise because I didn't think the man was listening to what I was trying to say and how much pain I was in. And after fighting this cancer I thought I would end up having to fight for this to. So for once good news,mite be able to get some nice new bras to go with my new boobs!!

Just need to get this pain under some sort of control and husband might be lucky to.😄

So for everyone out there about to have their assessment or waiting ans u just can't tell,and I hope u all get what you to are entitled to!!

Trace xx

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  • Absoluately wonderful news I am so happy for you. Onwards and upwards from now on as it seems things are looking up for you at last.xxx

  • Thanks and yea I hope things are looking up, been a bit of a year so far, lol😃x

  • so pleased to here your good news

  • Thanks its one more weight off my mind x

  • Excellent news so pleased for you.


    Jo x

  • Thanks jo 😃x

    Trace x

  • That is absolutely wonderful news! I am genuinely and sincerely delighted for you.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken I am so glad I found this site everyone so nice I don't feel alone any more with my fibromyalgia.


  • You must be over the moon really happy for you xxj

  • Yea I am I was so worried never asked for much before and the way my luck has been going lol

    Thanks for your kind words Trace😃x

  • well done keep going.pleased to hear you got that.

  • Thanks I keep going although one foot in front of the other bit hard most days lol 😃

  • That is fantastic news and it must be a load of your mind.

  • Thanks and yea one more off the things to do list 😃

  • All the waiting around is done, at least you can exhale now and know that you can have a little help with your comfort. It's fantastic new to hear some good come for a pips assessment. Over joyed for you and of course your husband.

    Take care Lorraine :)

  • Thanks and yea that's one thing sorted even when you know how bad you feel and how much pain your in you don't know if they understand this, I had heard some horrible story's and he was very rude,but he did listen😃


  • Well done you so please for you xx

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