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Wow daylight

The sun hasn't made an appearance in Leeds that would be asking too much, but it's light n I'm still in bed yup showing off. Ki is wide awake and playing on my iPad volume up full at the side of me, n I have probably had less than an hours sleep all night, do u think she ll be quiet so I can try and go t sleep, mmmmmmm no way. Non stop notice now till her bed time roll on 8 lol xxxxxhow do you tell a six year old to sleep in her own bed as she causes me pain all night just by holding my arm r touching my back soooooo tired, I got to get her in her own bed lolxxxxx

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that as it is quite emotive when you love a child so much, it really isn't easy. I genuinely hope that you are not suffering too much and I sincerely hope that you can get some sleep. Please take care my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for both of you

Ken x :)

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She takes advantage of me knowing that when she sneaks into my bed at silly o'clock I am to exhausted to send her back as I'm generally still awake fidgeting round the bed wi restless leg lol sometimes she's good and I don't have t cling on t the edge o my king size bed just t try and get a bit o space rest o time she has to touch me but I'm bruising easy no too xxxx how's you this typically dark Monday morning???? I'm procrastinating got t set of for work in half hour n I'm still in bed not good xxxx

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Just a question. Do you have your iPad in the bedroom whilst you sleep ? ( or try to sleep) . Do you use it just before you put out the light?

Studies have show that the tiny light from these devices can disturb sleep as can using them, or wathcing TV just before sleeping. I wish I could remember where I saw the article. I'll try and find the link Freeware but you could look it up.

I find that pain keeps me awake more if I've watched TV or been on the computer just before trying to sleep. I certainly try to keep every little object thats on charge out of my bedroom unless I'm just lying down during the day.

Here's to a better night sleep



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