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What to do?

I'm lying here on my sofa bed because my grandchildren are in my bed, not exactly comfortable listening to my upstairs neighbours daughter still running around at 11.15pm, she is only 2.

My granddaughter, 3 has been in bed since 6.30 and her 6 yr old brother since 8pm. Every night I listen to their daughter running about till all hours, I've tried speaking to them but as English is not their first language they say I am making life difficult for them. It could be in not used to being in a downstairs flat, although I've been here 6 months.

The neighbours have just had another baby so four of them in a one bed roomed flat is too much for me.

Going to wait until after the New Year and start complaining to the council, I can't go on much longer listening to her running around and me not getting any restful sleep - even an hour would be a blessing.

Sorry for complaining but at wits end.

Restful night to all xx

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I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are having your nights spoilt by noise, and you have a right to peace and quiet in your own home. I would imagine that they have a tenancy agreement with the council and therefore have an obligation to abide by the tenancy agreement which would entail no antisocial behaviour and noise equates to antisocial behaviour.

As your landlord, the council also have an obligation of care to tenants, and therefore should act upon any antisocial behaviour that you are a victim of. It may prove to be a good move to complain to the council about the noise as your neighbours appear unwilling to curtail their children's behaviour. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Hello Scottish-piglet,,,,Iso understand how you feel,,inconsiderate neighbours are tiring on the soul,,,,is it a council or a housing association you are with,? most have anti-social neighbour policy,,,and their local liaison should be first call to help you,,,maybe there might be help coming as they cannot stay upstairs with two children,,,can they? they might have to re-house them as there will be another child,,,, today they might have someone in the office who can speak with the upstairs,,to sort the situation out,,, and maybe you will get some quiet for sleep,,,parents have their own ways,,but theris is not so good for you,,, ttfn from Karen.

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Update on situation, email from council saying it's not an anti social behaviour and really nothing they can do about it. Housing officer on holiday till 5th January she will be in touch then and just might be able to look at sound proofing.

Nothing can be done about 4 of them in one bedroom flat unless they want to move so looks like I'll have to put up and shut up!

Thanks for the support, going to contact my disability support office for advice, see if they can help xx



I was going to ask if you had explained about your condition to the council and how it is made worse by lack of sleep, stress and excessive sensory stimulation like noise.

That's a good idea to speak to your disability support officer and maybe your doctor could help. Not sure how but I would definitely take it further. It may not legally fall within the criteria for anti-social behaviour but from a "consideration for others" point of view it definitely does.

Good luck, I hope you can get some relief. My heart goes out to you as I know how stressful I find excessive noise, particularly if you are trying to sleep.



As Ken and scouser have said definitely put in a complaint , you can't go on like this. I hope you get some much rested sleep soon. Good Luck

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Sleep is so important. I would find that untenable situation.in the meantime get some earplugs from your chemists that should help a bit plus some night / relaxing herbal remedy .....

Contact council today. Is it possible to record the noise as this will give back up plus a GP letter explaining your medical problem and how lack of sleep is making your health worse.

Hugs for you


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