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Unsure what to do

Hi all

Sorry havent been on here in a long time mainly because nothing has really changed and feel its wrong to just come on and moan. My housing situation hasnt changed still fighting to try and get a home i feel safe in and where there is no noise above me. Finally after 8 months of battling got anti depressants. However, i was away on a stitching retreat just over a week ago with a great group of cross stitch friends i met on facebook we had this amazing house in Carlisle which had a swimming pool and jacuzzi. I drove to my sins in Leicester and was picked up from there asthat long drive would be to much for me. We arrived on the Friday i managed to see another son and his partner on the saturday/sunday and Tuesday evening they brought there costumes/trunks with them. I didnt overdo it in the pool in fact only went in on the days my son was there mainly floated did a couple of lengths and sat in the jacuzzi. Did do a bit of walking saturday and sunday but not over the top. Rested other days as we were all chatting and stitching ( not that i did much) we were going to go to see Hadrians wall on the Wednesday but i woke up and couldnt move my left knee without being in agony i texted one of the other ladies who also has fibro and other problems so she gave me a hand i couldnt go to hadriens wall or anywhere for two days and it started to ease with rest and ice and bandages. I was dropped back at my sons on Friday stayed there until Monday then drove home i have an automatic so my left knee didnt have to do anything. Arrived home my daughter came over to unpack my car for me. By the evening i was in so much pain when i had my right knee replaced i didnt have pain like this if i sat up the knee hurt if i moved my foot my knee hurt i was up all night with it not knowing what to do all day Tuesday i stayed on the bed in continuous pain by Tuesday night it eased a bit again and now i can actually bend the knee its still very tender at one point ive had knee problems since i was 14 and now im 53 but nothing like this. I have booked an appointment to. See gp next tuesday if its not gone away trouble is my drs are useless so i wont go as i feel they think im making it up. I sat crying every month for & months saying i didnt want to be here and he just sat looking at me and i begged him or demanded he give me the anti depressants. How do you have confidence in drs like that i saw 4 others there and all the same one said if youre going to do it youwill do it. All places i have attended have dropped me until i move because of my mental health. I am fighting housing still almost a year on i live in fear. I cant sleep because of the noise above a german shepherd dog jumping on and off the bed then scratching which us like nails being hammered into the ceiling. Listening to snoring above, every movement i can hear it id a joke. Which was why i waslooking forward to being away as i am in thisplace 24/7. Sorry to moan i hope everyone else is having a relatively pain free day sending hugs to all x

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Difficult when your home is not a santury place. Sorry spelling gone.

I would like to suggest that personal posts like this are marked for community only. X gentle hugs


Hi take care ,everyone is aloud to feel frustrated with what your going through, hope things start to come good soon ,.

Be kind to yourself hugs



Thank you, I have been hoping this for nearly a year now and it just gets so tiring when you feel like you are fighting a losing battle all the time. Every time you try and be positive something else or someone else comes along and knocks you down again.

Take care



I am so genuinely sorry to read that things have not improved for you, and I sincerely hope that you can get your housing situation resolved sooner rather than later.

It is wonderful to read that you have a good time with your cross stitching friends but I am so sorry to read that you paid the price with so much pain. I genuinely hope that it is easing for you now.

I was wondering if there was a different GP surgery in your area that you could sign up to? As yours does not sound too impressive. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck for the future.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thanks Ken,

There is another surgery local to me but have been putting it off due to the fact of waiting to move so didnt want to change until then but with this ongoing problem with my knee flaring up if i dont get any joy with the gp this time i will change surgeries. I dont even think he will examine the knee thats how much faith i have in the surgery.

It was good to meet with people i have met through facebook and just through the pleasure of cross stitch. It just shows how good things like facebook can be for some of us who dont actually get out a great deal or meet people face to face. I have so many friends all over the world who enjoy stitching and a surprising amount of them have health problems such as fibro and or depression and the stitching has helped.

Thank you for your kind words i hope you have a lovely weekend.


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