Why do I never learn?

Why do I never learn?

I scrambled into the shower this morning - no mean feat in itself - and had a lovely, hot, joint-loosening scrub. I turned off the water, climbed out, then realised that I had put my bath towels and robe in the laundry yesterday - and not replaced them :O

Dried self on tiny hand towel, and teetered damply and nakedly to the airing cupboard, only to discover that my daughter and her fella had let themselves into my flat in search of sustenance, and on hearing the shower running had settled down in the lounge.

The look on their faces when they were confronted by mum covering her modesty with a tiny hand towel was almost worth the embarrassment!

Of course, I told them that the buff fella in the picture had pinched my towel in order to stand under his waterfall :)

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  • Well if you are going to scrub yourself get round to TMs house and scrub her wall too.... Please put something on before you do....... :D

  • Grabs brush and bucket :D

  • Ahem.... Clothes moffy .... Clothes.... Sighs ....


  • I like the air to circulate :)

  • Fresh air is very beneficial to the skin. :-)

  • Indeed it is - but I'm not sure the sight of my skin would be very beneficial to the population at large :D

  • Just think of all the vitamin D you are absorbing 8-)

  • Awwe bless you. Nevermind , at least you were at home. I was in a cafe, just been to the loo , and now wiring. A lady tapped me on the shoulder and said, exuse me. I just thought is tell you, you have your skirt tucked in your knickers, well I just went red on the spot. Ten years ago I would of run out of there so embarrassed. Nevermind, what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger x

  • Queing not wiring auto correction a pain

  • LOL - the times I've done just that! We must both be members of the 'awkward squad'! :)

    Moffy x

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