Hi I've just ordered a rollator with 4 wheels and a seat I was hoping for some advice on this from anyone that uses them. My biggest problem is that I feel that I'm giving in but the thing is I can't walk very far and I'm in real pain and feel as if I'm going to fall down the. I'm also dreading the neighbours reactions although they don't really know me because I'm never out I hope you are all having a restful night hugs rosie xx

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  • This should be a great help, I am thinking of getting one, my Sister in Law has one, she has MS, I had a walk about with it and I was very steady on it. An don't give two hoots about what the neighbours think its for your benefit and wellbeing. Lou xx

  • Thanks lou I ordered mine on ebay and it's only £44 no delivery charge I had to sign a form about my fibromyalgia and arthritis and then I got it vat free thanks again lou your word's have helped have a restful night hugs rosie xx

  • It's nice to hear that you are going to be venturing out with your new rollator, I wish you all the very best. You never know you might make good friends with your neighbours. Go on, go for It Rosie :) xxx So proud of you. x

  • Thanks ryanbone I feel I have to do something to help me get out and about and maybe build my confidence up I hope you have a restful night rosie

  • I will look out for you scateboarding up the street next month Rosie lol

    Sweet dreams my friend :) x

  • Lol that made me smile I needed that my boy's loved the roller blades and skate board I hope you have a good night rosie xx

  • Hugs and I know how you feel. I to feel as if I am giving in. I just want to have a way to go and do because walking well just standing hurts. Guess we are going through this together in a way. Good night and restful sleep

  • Thanks that's the reason I got one with a seat I hope you're pain eases and you have a restful night rosie

  • I use a tri-walker and my wife has a rollator. I personally think that you should try using it around the house for a while to build your confidence up whilst using one prior to going out with it. I wouldn't be worried about what your neighbours think but more of how you feel about using one? This means more? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your rollator.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thanks Ken I will have a wee practice indoors first rosie

  • Hi, Rosie. I've been using my rollator for a few months now and buying it, is the best thing I've ever done. Was stuck indoors, couldn't walk my wee dog but now I'm out there everyday, getting fresh air into my lungs and am so thankful for it. I walk a wee bit, sit for a wee bit then off I go again!!! I was quite anxious using it at the start but I persevered and I'm fine now. Wouldn't worry about what anyone else thinks, it's you who knows how much pain you're in and anything that takes that away is a positive. Let us know how you get on. Happy walking!!! Xxx

  • Thanks Gemma I'm looking forward to the fresh air in my lungs, and to sit down now and again will be a godsend rosie xx

  • Hi Rosie, I got my late mum a rollater with a seat and basket underneath for her bits and bobs and she loved it. A very good gentleman friend of mine who is in his 80s now has it and uses it on a regular basis.

    He too was a bit embarrassed at first like mum but when you take that initial step people get used to seeing you and take no notice eventually. You will love it I can assure you. The freedom it gives you is fantastic and the wee seat is a godsend when you get tired.

    There's even a brake on it to stop it moving so you go girl. Say hi to your neighbours from me 🙋

  • Yes that's the kind I've ordered, I couldn't believe the price £44 no vat or delivery charge it is brand new on ebay

    It folds if I'm going by bus which is good as well hugs rosiexx

  • you can see Ken's and my rollators via this link

  • Good morning.

    rollators are for use indoors..The one you are talking about is called a 3 or 4 wheeled walker.

    really you should have got from health professional so that u could have been shown how to use but I will give you the advuse.

    first of all I advise to keep your hands on the breaks squeezing UPWARDS when walking as these walkers tend to have a way of running away from you, so to speak.

    when using the seat always make sure ythe walker is against a wall and the brakes pushed DOWNWARDS to click lock.

    I hope this helps and gives you more independence :) xx

  • Thank you I'll certainly take your advice and keep my hands on the brakes and I'll practice indoors rosie

  • We are only here for the blink of an eye. At the end of life most if us have lists of regrets containg things we didn't do. Think of all the things that you can do with a rollator. And to quote someone in a previous post. Go girl go.

  • Thanks ned that's the right attitude to have I will try and copy it lol rosie

  • Thanks everyone for your lovely funny helpful advice it made me smile and that's worth it's weight in gold hugs rosie xx

  • I have one after my dr at the pain clinic recommended one I thought no way they are for old people but after a lot of thought I got it, it's great as you can have little rests round the supermarket or put your basket on so you don't have to lift heavy shopping. I always have mine in the car whether I need it or not.

  • When I first had my knee ops I got told off by the nurses for not walking with my frame. It definitely helps to make you walk better, but indoors I still tend to furniture walk.

    When the rollator arrives check the height, you don't want to be bent over too much or you will hurt your back. I actually use a forearm walker which is higher as gripping with my hands can hurt at times.

    You can't do ought about your neighbours so pay as little attention as you can, mine shouted over "thought you couldn't walk" possibly as I use a scooter or now a wheelchair.

    Enjoy having a bit more freedom and hold your head up

  • I will it's not all my neighbours just some one else in particular when I got a stick he asked if I was after dla I said no I got mine before I got my stick which was true you can't fake our type of pain, I looked for a rollator with a good height and it can be adjusted I had to the worst of my pain is neck shoulders and arm's I'll let you all know how I get on hugs rosie

  • We need to do what is best for us.

    Enjoy the outdoors!

    Be kind to yourself!

  • Thanks I will I just want a bit independent hugs rosie

  • I use one, it is a godsend, it allows me to shop, and if neccessary sit, while I'm out. Must admit, mine now needs the brakes attending to, so I need to contact the OT dept again!

  • Thanks for getting back to me I didn't know you could do it through the OT rosie

  • That's where I got mine from, Rosie, and my wheelchair too!

  • The company's called health care limited, a friend put me on to them she's had a couple from them over the year's. I must admit I use ebay quite a bit I love it new and used hugs rosiexx

  • Hi Rosie, I've had a four wheeled walker like yours for about 4-5 years now. Being fair I don't use it all the time, I can sometimes manage with my stick but I wouldn't be without it for the times when I do need it. It's great to be able to be independent and go out but with being able to sit for a few minutes as and when you need to. I was a bit self-conscious at first but, you know what, if people do look it's because you're gorgeous and they are admiring your beauty :) nothing to do with your walking aid. You go out and show them all how it's done. Hugs Linda x

  • Thanks Linda this is another reply that makes me smile I really need it more for the seat because of the vertigo along with the fibro I can get really shaky but I'll go out and strut my stuff I'll show themail how a 63 yrs young does it hugs xx

  • Hell! I had a wonderful friend who used one for some years. It was a godsend. If it gives you confidence and provides a place to sit and rest you will go out more. Because it has2 handles you will walk in an upright position. No aching back then. Don't be afraid to use it. Go out and chat to your neighbours. It is good to talk. Enjoy your new found freedom. I hope you have some bet6er pain relief soon.

  • Thank you for your reply, yes I feel that having both handles will help hopefully it will keep me more balanced. This is a great place to get help and support I'm so thankful for everyone's advice and friendliness hugs rosie

  • Sorry Rosie that should start with Hello! Xxx

  • Lol someone else like me xxx

  • Hi Rosie,

    I use the rollator & I can't imagine life without it now. Yes, at first I was self-conscious & felt like I was giving in. But, like you, I'm in so much pain when walking or especially trying to stand in one place, that I must use the rollator. Even using it, I will have spells of paralysis and frequently feel like my legs will give out & make me fall. I will try to get along without it in my home sometimes, but within a few hours the pain is so severe that I must start using it again. I look at it this way - if I don't use it, I will hurt more & be unable to do as much as I usually can and if I do use it, I can be a little more active.

    I also worried about how others would view me - I'm 51, but according to others, I look like I'm 40. Since people can't see our fibro, they don't see the debilitating pain and when they look at me, a "young" person, I thought they would look down on me. But I have found that I was wrong, they don't judge me that way. I'm sure there are some people who will be judgmental, but for the most part, I don't think they will.

    I'll tell of a time I went shopping. I had finished my shopping & was leaving the store, when the door greeter asked how I was. I said I was tired & she said I looked like I was exhausted. I told her shopping always does that to me and she asked if my rollator helped. I told her I wouldn't be able to go out without it & she said she was glad I had it. Now, every time I go in or out of the store when she is there, she takes time to ask about me.

    I also attached velcro straps to the bars of my rollator which I then strap to the shopping cart. This allows me to keep my rollator with me and sit down as I need to while in the store. I have had many people stop me and ask how I've attached my rollator to the shopping cart - they love it.

    I've been long-winded here - sorry. Rosie, just keep in mind that a rollator is a tool to keep you as active as possible. And getting that brief reduction of pain when you sit down on it, makes it well worth it.

    Best wishes, and let me know if you have more questions about it.


  • Hi shelia thanks for the the great reply, I've only used it once and I think I was doing it wrong holding it too tightly, I was in agony with my upper body and hips lol although I shouldn't laugh I was racing rather than pacing. I'm 63 but I've had the symptoms for year's I kept putting it down to my arthritis one Dr even told me it was joint pain causing my muscle pain and spasms I believed it for yrs I'm talking 30 plus. As you can see I can go on and on lol I hope you're having a not too bad day hugs rosie xxx

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