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Bungalow really great

hi again, saw the bungalow and its has a really good sized front garden and a whopping 33 feet long back garden with 2 apple trees, a patio and a hard stand on approx10ftlong 6ftwide piece on the side of the bungalow ready to put our shed!! Woo woo! It has a lovely new kitchen, a new bathroom, but we will be having a wet room put in. the front step is only about 3in high which is tiny compared to the one i have now but, they are going to ramp it for my chair. we will be signing for the keys next friday : D big cheesy grin lol!

It will be lovely spending the back repayment from my dla on new furnishings,and flooring cant wait!!!

Thank you for your best wishes for the viewing, i was keeping myself in check up untill we got the date for the signing ... so many disapointments!

We have a big private farmers field behind us and surrounded fields to let the dogs run and we have a skate park and park in the village, the bungalow is tucked away in a close that is hidden unless you know its there you would miss it and best of all its in a set of six bungalows surrounded by privately owned houses and the whole area and bungalow has a beautiful athmosphere to it all,

you know when you walk into a place that it has good karma!

hugs poppy xx

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Brilliant, all the best xx

Jax xx :)


oh poppy that sounds great looks like its all round to urs for the summer bbq if we have a summer lol

Hope u will be very happy there

Lin x


Defo, all welcome!

I intend to get hubby to build me my veranda so cover will be there rain or shine lol!

mind along with all the other jobs i have planned for him teehee!

hugs poppy xxx


hello poppy I am so pleased for you it sounds lovely take care love beth x


so pleased for you x


Fantastic news poppy :-) sounds wonderful

wishing all the best and happiness in your new home

love and gentle hugs jackie xxx


Sounds lovely Poppy, good luck with the move and hope you will be very happy in your new home x


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