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Pip assessment

Hi everyone hope all ok, I have my pip assessment on Wednesday and I'm a it worried, not sure what to expect , I've not got any paper work from Drs or nothing I am waiting to start physio and I asked the Dr if I could have some assistance with my walking so he said yes but physio will sort that, even I can do most things it does cause me lots of pain and I'm knackered all the time I just don't think I'm going to get don't mean to be negative.

any advice would be great full

Thanx xx

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I am so sorry to read that you are so worried about your assessment, and I would just be yourself and tell them all the things that you cannot do and do not dwell on what you can do?

If you feel that you are being asked to do something that you cannot / struggle to do tell them and say that you cannot do it. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Ken thank you so much for advice that has made me feel alof better. Hope all ok with you.

Take care


Hello Dondons99 I had my PIP assessment on Thursday. I had a lovely lady. I had a walking stick with me for my foot, I am having an operation on it next week, for a foot fusion, arthritis being the cause. I took a lorry load of paper work, but she did not ask for it, just asked me questions as I went along. The only things that she asked me to do was to see the movement in my neck (cervical spondylosis), which was limited and in my foot. Good luck, just tell them honestly all the pain and difficulties that you have.


Thank you so much I will Hun thanks for advice xx

Hope you keeping well xx


Morning do u have any notes from different specialties ie rheumatoid doc...pip usually asked your GP for all your information, make sure you bring all medication that you are on...they ask you if you can touch your toes and they ask if they can examine you but tell them you can't get up onto the table etc..they will ask you about how you are coping how far you can walk regarding pain..praying for you 🙏🏾🙏🏾

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Thanks so much for advice, I have no notes I haven't got a specialists I see a chiropractor also Dr putting me forward to have more physio and he wants me to have a stick, I have also started cbt for my anxiety do I tell them that thanks once again for advice.

Hope you are keeping well xxxx


Tell them how you feel on your worst day. Ask them their qualifications for assessing you it should be a physio. Good luck and don't let the buggers get you down



Thanx Maureen so it has to be a health professionals that examine me, cause in the letter it says I'm not having a medical but I hope it is physio that examines me, thanx for your advice I hope your ok xxxx


Hi I had my assessment at home, and it was a physio. Be sure to ask them what their normal job is. You are allowed to do this if they don't volunteer the information. If it's 'nurse' or 'doctor' ask them what sort of nurse or doctor. Would you be happy having a dental nurse making important decisions on your health (apart from your teeth?!) Also, it's a good idea to have a friend or someone you trust with you to take notes (if possible) & for moral support. Can you organise that? After the assessment, you can phone for a copy of your report (they should give you a little leaflet with phone number on) . I strongly advise you do this as you can then check that they've fully written down what you told them. If you think they've missed anything out, you can make a note while you still remember. Also if there's any future comeback, you have that note to remind you. The report will contain all the assessor's comments and observations & tell you how many points he/she thinks you qualify for and what level of PIP you're likely to get. You then wait for the official letter to come through from DWP confirming how much you'll get. I wasn't happy with some of my report, it didn't fully reflect what I'd said and some crucial things were missed out, so it's really important to check that report when you get it back. If you have a friend with you on the day, you can check it together. Remember the assessors are only human and sometimes they don't see something as bad unless you really stress how bad it is. Pain is felt, not seen, so make sure you show it. We're used to it, as we have to live with it day in and day out, but they're not, they're meeting us for the first time. Don't be afraid to repeat things and I would advise saying how you are on your worst day. A couple of tips - in the report, they comment on what you're wearing, if you're well-dressed or clean, if you look relaxed and how you sit, stand, move (including arms & legs). Just be aware of that, try not to look too cheerful (LOL) - seriously. I was visibly in pain, and the assessor had noted that in the report - so don't put a brave face on things & pretend it doesn't hurt when it does! (We disabled people are so good at doing that, but this is not the time to do so). Also, if you're anxious, say you're anxious. Can you get a letter confirming you are having CBT? Also, ask your chiropracter for a letter, confirming what he/she treating you for. Keep a copy for yourself. If you can't get that by Weds, tell the assessor you'll send it on separately. As for the 'medical' part - well, it was 5 minutes at the end. Having had extensive physio over the years, it was minimal so nothing to worry about. Say no, if any of the movements are likely to hurt you. I refused on some things, and they were fine about it & made a note in the report. Before the interview make a list of your main health conditions, aches, pains, etc and most importantly the impact they have on your daily life - that's what they need to know. For example if you suffer with severe anxiety or depression, the impact on your life would possibly be no sleep, brain fog, fear of going out, anxiety in social situations, couldn't be bothered to cook, stay in bed all day etc etc. What does your pain prevent you from doing? Make a list. These are the things they will be looking out for. GOOD LUCK & let us know how it all goes. Have a nice bottle of wine and a big bar of chocolate in the cupboard, & pour yourself a big glassful when it's all over, as a reward. Look forward to hearing how you get


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