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Having returned my PIP assessment form I have now received an appointment for the face to face interview. Got to give it to them for efficiency they posted the appointment the day after they received my form!

In with the gumph they send is how to get to the assessment centre by bus, including how far it is to walk to the bus stops (all routes involve a change of bus) The ridiculous thing is all the distances given are further than I can walk and they would know this if they had actually read the assessment form before sending me my appointment!!!

Any advice for the face to face assessment would be gratefully received.

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Hi LoobyLoopy, i have heard that you can request a home assessment for this, worth a try anyway x

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I think I would contact them and gently point out that your illness makes it impossible to travel like they are suggesting. They may put you down for a home assessment or suggest some other centre which is more easily accessible.

One note, ask for the assessment to be recorded when you make your appointment and do take some one with you, not only for moral support and to verify what is being said, but also to back you up when you say you can't do certain things.

Good luck!


I am so genuinely sorry to read this and it could be a little subdifuse on their behalf to see if you can do a certain thing? I would ring them and ask for a home visit. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment.

All my hopes and dreams for you




You need to request a home visit, or you can request permission to get a taxi to the door. What ever you do don't take a bus that's a fail straight away. Don't go on your own. Make arrangements to have it recorded. You have to Inform them before hand.

Don't trust them. I loss my car because I could plan a journey on the Internet. The question are absolutely stupid what's point of having a car if you can't use it.

But beware they have the distance from the door car park every where around you might have to walk. Even from the waiting room to the assessment room.

My friend went for her ESA and caught the bus they had someone near the bus stop taking by way hers was a mental issues.

They can't refuse you a home visit but I think you have to have a letter from the doctor to say you need home visit.

I see on a answer below they say take some one with you I took my husband with me, we put a complaint in the day after of how we had been treated ATOS came to house to interview us then went and interviewed the assessor she told a pack of lies as well as admitted some thing and agreed to have more training . But when it came to it the DWP said my argument was with ATOS and not them. So they still went off every word she had wrote down. Hence I loss my car my mobility got full 10 points for mobility but none because I could plan a journey.hum

Took this all the way MP no help at all really CAB no help at all got told due to cut backs.

So I wish you well but be very careful please take my word you need to have it recorded to protec yourself doesn,t seem to matter how many people you take with you. All my assessor said was she can't remember.hum. I had to sit down due to pian when I was part way through my assessment I was shaking and nearly in tears .

All was wrote on form was managed to get on table no mention of my husband helping at all, and that my legs would not go flat to the table, that I had full strength in my arms and I was never tested for that.

Sorry this might make you worry but I need to get it across to you record it there's no other way.

An easy way to record it is by iPhone, iPad and you have to be able to send them a copy before you leave or it does not count.

Can do it with one iPad iPhone and a dicker phone worth buying £25 and leave them with the tape. You need one for yourself.

Really really sorry but I can't stress enough how cunning and inventing they are.

I have to ware incontenace pads for my bowels when I go out just incase. She was not interested in that how I got to the loo only thing she asked is once you are at the loo can you wipe your own bum sit and get up with the use of an aid. No points at all if you can. We told them that my husband on occasion had to get me new colths and things not interested at all hence the incontenace pads when out had a few accident.

Hope this does help in some way.


Thank you everyone for your advice will let you know how I get on!


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