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Telephone pip assessment


I’m am having a telephone pip assessment this week can anyone tell me what to expect and do I need anything in front of me that I might need to answer any of the questions asked of me. Any help appreciated thanks

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Hi ,the thing is with these calls you do not know wot questions they are going to ask sometimes you get discrepancies but it does not matter if points are not effected,can give some advice ,sre you in for mental health first so you can get that out the way if you are not specially the mobility part

Thank you , I’m finding this very stressful due to the fact that the assessor can’t actually see how my problems affect me

It is understandable, it can work both ways this ,with being on the phone you may get caught of guard as well and forget things when they phone done it myself with gp appointments

Wot I would do as you do not know wot they are going to ask and you only get 1 chance here ,is try get a big chart and put on back of door big writeing as there is only 12 or 13 questions on forms they can ask you about ,and 2 of them are for mobility ,they can ask you on ,have it all on the charts each question separate wot to say or things you will not forget ,with your own difficulties ,an exsample for 1 could be the food question if you need motivation or use aids etc or assistance and if you do it yourself and use an aid it makes it slightly better but still painfull ,just an exsample same with washing dressing, your mobility and the distance you are going for ,try have it all in front of you in advance wot is the facts for you and take your time sitting down with the big chart in front off you

Much appreciated Ajay il do that

Hope it goes ok for you

Thank you and thanks for your help

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Couldn’t have put it any better, sound advice

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Brilliant advice Ajay575, when you have a F2F they the assessors work their way through the question's, so being one step a head of them should be helpful.

Hi when did they contact you to arrange the phone appointment? was it by letter? I have been waiting 20 weeks and have not heard a thing! Good luck just dont rush and take your time, i had to do a phone assessment for my daughter a fews ago with DWP, she tried to get me twisted up a bit but just be on the ball you will be fine xx

Hi there, I was due to have an house assessment but got a letter about 2 weeks ago that due to the corona virus my assessment will be by phone. I have fibromyalgia, amongst other bone problems but also have breast cancer and am currently having treatment. I haven't waited to long to be honest but I think its down to the cancer situation. I would have preferred a face to face I think speaking on the phone doesn't give me a lot of confidence and am afraid I might stuff up

Hi , its so good that your still being able to have treatment for your cancer, and i wish you all the best - just remember to try and stay calm and dont let them rush you! Take care and stay safe, let us know how it goes - huge hugs xx

Thank you so much, il let you know

Blimey wish I'd had a phone assessment!

Couldn't turn me down on good eye contact!!

Tell them how it is at your worse moments, dont laugh or sound cheery x

Ok thank you

Hello, for starters I would have written down all your ID information. Doctors name address contact details. Copies of any diagnosis medical reports or and any other information that will support your claim. Remember think before you answer, ask for the question to be repeated if needed for you to understand it.

This is very distressing don’t you think, it’s like preparing for an exam. Thanks for your help

I had mine by phone last week, at the beginning she told me it would take about 45 mins, it really lasted 1 hour 20 minutes.

She was very nice sounding and first explained that she had to write everything down which explained why it was going to take so long. So be prepared have a drink handy and somewhere comfy to sit.

She obviously had my previous PIP medical notes in front of her because she mentioned some medication that i havent been on for years but i was on at my last medical. I had supplied my green prescription renewal with my forms so she really should of had my current medication, perhaps she was trying to make me slip up. My anti depressants have also changed to a different one since my last assessment (which was done at home) and she mentioned the ones i am on now are much stronger so she said oh your depression must be worse then, pretty obvious since im now under the mental health team.

She didnt ask me to describe a typical day, she basically went through each question which was on the renewal form and asked me for my reply (i had copies of what i sent in so i knew the information was exactly as described on my forms)

She mentioned the current virus and how it must be worrying me, i replied that it must be worrying everyone.

I received a txt 2 days ago to say they had now recieved my PIP medical written notes and they will be in touch within the next 3 months with a decision and not to contact them only if there is a change of circumstances, so now i wait.

Good Luck XX

Flipping heck over an hour, I’ve got the call coming on this Friday, I’ve got a copy of my filled in forms so will have them in front of me. Am actually dreading it as I feel had they had a face to face with me it would have been easier to assess my situation instead of firing questions at me. Oh well I can only answer honestly and hope for the best. Good luck to you as well hope you’re successful. Thanks for your help

I also know they contacted my Gp as I was informed by the GP. But don’t know what was asked of her or how she answered, kind of feel like I’m going to be on trial, never have been though may I hasten to add lol

I did say at the end of the call that the whole process was making me incredibly upset and nervous and my mental health is suffering during the process, i said i am so worried that i will loose my mobility car and then wont be able to get out and about with my carer and her reply was, that wont happen :O

So that kind of made me feel it had gone good, but you never know with these things and if i fail i will appeal & im still incredibly worried and nervous, the whole thing is wrong, if we are found to be disabled we shouldnt have to keep going through this

Thanks your help has been very much appreciated. You stay safe now and I wish you well x

I also know they contacted my Gp as I was informed by the GP. But don’t know what was asked of her or how she answered, kind of feel like I’m going to be on trial, never have been though may I hasten to add lol

Well had my telephone assessment yesterday and it lasted just short of an hour, the assessor was a young woman who was very pleasant and took her time asking me various questions of how my day to day living affects me, what medications I’m on and for what , how or if they help plus about my journey planning, cooking washing and bathing , my mental health and toilet struggles. I answered everything honestly and accurately as possible. I did have my form in front of me as she obviously had in front of her as she asked what I’d answered. I don’t know wether or not il be eligible for pip as she didn’t give me any indication but said it will be about 8 weeks before I hear back by letter. Thanks for all your kind help and advice. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be so just be honest, there were no trick questions. Il come back and tell you all of my outcome when it arrives. Stay safe all x

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