Accidental Lactose

Suffering tonight from the fall out of the other cracker Lactose day, my Stomache is killing and so on fire, doubled up on all my tummy Meds not working, reflux is so bad , Palpatations are few and far between,setting off Panic Attacks, I absolutely hate this when it happens takes me 2-3 weeks to get back to normal, and the 1st week is the worst . So wish we didn't have this in our Family. Peed off with myself for not looking at ingredients, and so damn close to Xmas and won't be able to at least try and eat somthing on Xmas day. Huh normally my Cracker breads . I am trying all sorts tonight to take my mind off of Palpatations , and stop stressing, and knowing bloody doc wants ecg isn't helping tonight .,and now my Daughter has Asked if I ordered the links she sent to me for her Vinyls. And this stupid dumb illness FYb, forgot, she sent it. and I haven't ordered it. S...

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  • Really feel for you. Not nice at all.

    My eldest son made a suprise visit last night, he works away, and brought chips in from chip shop and I knew I shouldn't but........

    Totally ruined today's plans.

    Hope it all settles down for you asap. As for the dreaded fibro fog aaagghhh can't remember anything today so you're not alone there.

    Wishing you the best time possible for you x

  • Thank you ' hope yours settle too. What's the saying about on your hips and lips can't think lol" not for us just anything .x

  • I hope you recover soon, I have the same reaction to lactose, it can take an age to settle down. xx

  • I genuinely and sincerely hope that you feel better soon my friend. Please take care of yourself x

  • Thank you Ken.xx

  • When I have trouble with my acid reflux I drink hot water. Just got enough not tobufrn my moUth. Another thing I use sometime is tonic water with quinine. It comes in regular and diet. If the

  • Hi I knew about the warm water, but not about tonic water, that's a new one to me. Not sure if the fizz in tonic would help me? . But thank you.

  • Hi sorry it had really set you off badly. I have Acid Reflux also really not pleasant. I take Nexium Tablets from Dr. Maybe you take already or something similar. My back muscles collapsed again. So near Christmas really could do without it also. Sending Lv thinking of you. XX

  • Thanks fibroglow, yes take Nexium, am doubling up for a few days. Sorry your Muscles have gone again, I have only had this happen once and I remember the pain. Mine is only lower back and hips now, so I find walking Painful. I really hope things improve before Xmas day for you. All happens at the wrong time for us lot.try and get lots of rest, and take it easy Take care Hun and I wish you the best Christmas that you can have.xx

  • You too Take Care. 😀 Xxx

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