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One more sleep till 3 weeks off 👌👌

One more sleep till 3 weeks off 👌👌

Dog tired - last of Xmas shopping done at the mall tonight and legs killing me but now I can curl up in bed with a hottie under my butt to help with the cramps 😊 Team breakfast at 8am tomorrow, work till midday then team lunch and secret Santa and my work year is finished!! 👍😁😁😁 hope everybody is bearing up under the pressures of the silly season. We're full on heading into a hot dry summer here - almost think I'd prefer the chill of an English Xmas for a change so I could at least go outside!

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Hello Leemaree - fabby that you have finished the dreaded Xmas shopping. I much prefer the cold of winter than the heat of summer. So heres to hotties and warm socks. It is lovely out there today and I will be attempting a short walk in the park where there is peace away from the festive madness. Have a painfree Xmas and a healthy new year. Helen X



My kiwi niece is spending her first Christmas in the UK and is really enjoying it so far. She can't get her head around the idea of Christmas Jumpers though! Well you have no need for them in NZ because it's your summer of course.

When she posted a photo of herself wearing one, her friends in NZ thought she was ill! Isn't it odd that Christmas is celebrated so differently throughout the world.

Although she is a grown woman she prefers Santa coming on a sleigh than turning up with a surfboard wearing red shorts!

I am glad your working year is almost over for you and now you can rest and recover. I much prefer your weather, it is going to be very mild and very wet here.

Hope you have a great last day.



I hope you have a lovely Christmas. Enjoy your 3 weeks break.

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Hi my friend

Thank you for sharing your photo it is truly beautiful. I genuinely hope that you have a wonderful Christmas and holiday break. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



So my work day is finished, I'm home at my parents farm for a few days and typical fm - now the stress is over from last minute rushes relax and my body is freaking out with pain and fatigue! 😖😖. But at least I don't have to go to work tomorrow 😁👍❤. Happy Christmas eve eve everyone hugs and squishies 😊


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