New hammy on the block

New hammy on the block

I posted a couple of weeks ago that I had to have my poorly hamster Pandora put to sleep , well my fella said me without a hamster was just not right!! We have been together 20 years and he has never known me hamsterless!

So for a early Xmas pressie I have a new all singing all dancing space command rotostak cage and a new baby hamster and she is called Nula

See photo!

Fast asleep after her first day at her forever home!!

After spending ages on the wheel !!

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  • Jason cute and sweet

  • Sorry please ignore last message iPad playing up , supposed to be just so cute and sweet.

  • Nula must feel at home to be asleep out of her nest :-)

  • All worn out! Sounds like love! You are very lucky to have someone special in your life. Really like the cage its cool!!!

  • She's gorgeous. I love hamsters.

  • Nula is beautiful, glad she has lifted your spirts. I'm sure she will bring you alot of joy :)


  • She is so adorable, I sincerely hope that you have so much enjoyment with her.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • she is adorable :) I had 4 hamsters as I grew up; shandy, cookie, scruff and honey. loved them all dearly. what a lovely spacious home too! xx

  • Hello electricjaws,,,congrats on your new little love,,,,,little furries are very nice pets,,,,

    I have had pet rats,,,,and ferrets,,,both were a joy to have and play with,,,and when still stroke their fur,,,,ttfn from karen.

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