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Medication help needed

I was diagnosed with M.E about 13 years ago, but in the last 3 years I have started to suffer from upper back pain and also a pain in my thumb. The back pain is so bad it is waking me up in the middle of the night. I was told a few years ago that I probably have fibromyalgia, so I am not sure 100% if it is or it isn't as I dont seem to have the tender points typical, but more an all over muscle pain in my back.

I have tried pregablin, doesn't work and also causes me memory problems. I have also tried amitriptyline, which caused me extreme tiredness in a morning. So I was wondering what other people are taking, I have looked at prozac and also the newer SNRI's but just wanted to know what peoples experience of them was, did it help your pain? and also did you have side effects? I would like something that gives me a bit more energy if possible.

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Hello Sal.

A lot of us on this site take Amitriptyline without problems, The trick is to take them at least 2 hrs before going to bed.

I take them at about 7 pm and go to bed at about 10.

I hope this helps.

Sue :)


Hi Sal.

I don't get on with Amitriptyline it makes me feel far too spaced out as if my head is four feet off my shoulders all the time. I do take fluoxetine but don't find it does anything for the pain as I have to take Tramadol as well for that. But even the Tramadol only dulls the pain it doesn't get rid of it.

We all react differently to different medicines so the only thing to do really is try it and see if it works for you.

Hope you get on ok.


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Hi Sal77,

As we are not Medics on this site, we can only tell you our personal experience with our medicication.

The honest sad truth will never get any medication that will take the pain of Fibro away completely. Also we all react differently to medication. I take Amitriptyline 75mg each night, and I wouldn't be without it, I've been on it for 5yrs. You have to play about with the time that you take it, and start with a low dose, and give it at least 3 wks and gradually build up until you reach a point where you get a good nights sleep, and you don't have a hung over effect the next day. If that doesn't work, there's Nortriptyline, same type of drug but it doesn't seem to have such a strong sedative effect, some people can take this who can't take Amitriptyline. I also take Co-codamol 30/500. I preferred Tramadol, but the side-effects of excessive sweating was too bad, and I changed to Co-codamol and the sweating stopped.

You could also try a Tens machine, or Physio, Hydrotherapy, or heat pads. All of these can be a help. Gentle stretching of the muscles also help some people.

These are only my experiences & suggestions, but the first thing I think you should do is go to your Dr. and tell him/her about the pain in your back, and your thumb, as there could be any amount of reasons for them and you need to get a proper diagnosis and a treatment plan worked out to suit you.

Good luck, and I hope you get something sorted out soon.



I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I am personally taking Pregabalin but there are other drugs that you could discuss with your GP.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I have been fortunate to find a wonderful lady who does massage with healing hands.....we begin by of using on the areas of most pain..she adjust her pressure and movements depending on how my body reacts....she has made such a difference in my lower back...there is still pain but the whole body is no longer holding the tension of it

I usually have a better nights sleep following my massage.....

I now consider it an essential not a luxury....

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