violent thigh pain

doctors been trying to find out what is causeing me violent thigh pain anyone who has read before will know i have had every med an injection available for fibro this has been going on for over 12 years . i was wondering if it is just fibro and i need them to stop searching for another answer its driving me insaine not knowing what is causeing me this constant pain does anyone else suffer with this and been told it is fibro ?

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  • Hi joed

    I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are still suffering and struggling with this thigh pain, and I sincerely hope that you can find something that will help with the pan.

    It is a tough choice whether or not to continue with investigations, as I am sure you must have had some very unpleasant tests and explorations undertaken in your search for an answer. Maybe since you are asking the question that you know yourself that it is time to stop searching for a cause? I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • I do but don't know if fibro or related to back problems.

  • I have severe pain my thighs when I lay on either side and the pain travels down my legs.yes they said it's fm too but I don't feel it is x

  • I have hip bursitis in both sides which is very painful it becomes worse at night it wakes me up several times a night

  • Me too - treatment so far is physio 6 times and 2 injections. Hasnt worked. Painkillers co-codamol dont work, been taking them for too long. Have added oromorph and that doesnt work either. Surely there must be some kind of relief for this painful condition?

  • Yes I have hip bursitis as well they hurt all the time but when your in bed and have to lie on your back all time I am going to have injection in Jan for mine x

  • hi ive had nerve block injections in my thigh and also a lidocaine infusion but unfortunatly nothing worked for me over 12 yrs on im still searching for what is wrong with me i currently take zapain 2/3 times aday a rub in a gel serval times aday

  • This will be my fist one not looking forward to it at all gone on with this Paine for about 4 years but I had a stroke and now got APS so on lots of pain killers and morphine too just hope they do work when I have them x

  • I get this as well, wakes me every night. I've just ordered a snoozle to see if it will help me turn over so I'm not laying in the same position for too long.

  • I get pain that seems to start at the hip and then travel down my leg into my knee, calf and ankle.

    Ifind that Volterol helps along with a pillow between my legs supporting my leg so as to keep my hip in place. :)

  • It's difficult to tell sometimes isn't it. I sometimes wonder if it is muscle pain I am suffering from, is it perhaps just because I don't get the exercise I used to, so when I do do any activity perhaps it's not surprising my muscles are aching. A bit chicken and egg sometimes. :O

  • I walk twice a day with my wee dog. That doesnt help either....maybe it would be a lot more painful if I didnt walk at all....

  • Could well be. Getting that balance between enough and too much is really difficult isn't it.

  • So true.....I used to force myself to walk but dont anymore. Why put oneself through suffering even more. I know I must get out though and try my hardest to do it. Not easy when having a flare up. i dont have fibromyalgia, mine is caused by hip bursitis and low back pain which I have had for years and years....I just wish there was a painkiller that did the job!

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