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does anyone wake up with severe thigh pain every day ?

hi im almost at my whits end has fibro for over 10 years in the last 6 months it has really changed my life for the worst i wake every morning in violent pain in my thigh the bone and muscle hurts also some days the pain is in my hips and knees i start every day with a zapain this takes the edge of the pain i thought that fibro attacked differant parts of your body

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Hi joed So sorry to here your in so much pain and it dose change your life. I also get the violent pain in my thigh, knee, hips, and feet it is getting worst the left side is worst some days don't now which is the cause the bones or muscles being in so much pain each day zaps me out I do hope the pain today is a bit better big hugs xx


Might it be a flare up?. I've just started to come through one that's been the longest ever for me at just over a month.

Just a thought, do you drive? If so have you changed your car or anything else like furniture where you are seated?. I did have chronic bad hip and knee pain, then someone suggested that maybe my car seat was not properly set, it needed to be at a bigger distance from the steering wheel, and they were actually right. :)


Hi joed

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

I constantly wake up with neck-ache and a really bad headache, but this is due to my arthritis. So I tend to reach for the Co-Codamol with my cereal!

I want to wish you al the best of luck with finding some answers to this problem.

Take care

Ken x


Hello Joed, Sorry to hear your in so much pain, I too suffer with terrible pain in my thigh, I went to see my Gp in the end and she said I have Burstitis she gave me a Hydro cortisone injection this is my second one the last time was six months ago, it really does help and I am feeling much better, I also have on Prescription, Lidocaine patches they can be used for any type of pain, they were recommended by my Pain Specialist. Have you been referred to the pain clinic through your Gp? as they can help you with treatment for pain. Fibro attacks all different parts of your body, all the muscles! I asked to be referred to see an Orthopaedic doctor and he injects my knee's with Hydrocortisone once every 6-9 months for my Arthritis, and that helps me for awhile. I hope I've helped a bit, and I wish you all the best. Love Aisha..x


hi aisha thankyou for your reply yes i was referred to pain clinic by gp i went about 12 months ago and had a nerve block injections but they didnt work i have app 9th june for a lidocaine infusion im keeping my fingers crossed it will help with the pain ive had fibro for over 10 year tried every med in the book also ive had bustrans patches nothing has worked so far im at my whits end i have it in my head that they have misssed something and that im dieing this fibro is ruining my life i cant live like this in violent pain every day im so sad sick of crying all the time sorry if i have bought the mood down just dont know what to do anymore hope you are having a good day thankyou for your reply take care joanne x


I have the same. I went to a pain clinic and was put on Opana ER and it makes life bearable. Hope you find something to help relief your suffering sweetheart!!!! xxx Mizti


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