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Newby on the block

Hi this is my first post been reading for a few weeks since joining and everything sounds like dejavu. I have had Fibro and me for about 12 years but was only diagnosed a year ago I felt like I was mad before that. I have been fighting for dla for the last year and finally go to appeal on Friday. I'm terrified I've never had to go to court or anything. I've been struggling financially for about 5 years since I had to cut my hours at work. I'm just amazed that at the medical the guy listened to what I had to say then totally ignored it all and stamped my file with deny. I felt so humiliated I've been so depressed cried my eyes out and caused myself so much pain for nothing. I wrote to 3 mps on the advise of my independent living advisor and asked for some help only to be ignored by all of them. I feel so alone in all this even my ila decided she couldn't help me. Sorry feeling really down just wanted to say all this to get it off my chest xxx

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Simonsgirlie sounds like you have to appeal again. Do not be fobbed of we do have to live so try again. Do not let it get you down be positive and go for it good luck. Have you made use of fibroaction help on forms for ESA if not there is a path you can try xgins


Glad you used this site to unload. I agree, appeal and get someone to go with you if you need to appear before a panel of ''experts'' ha!ha! again. When you are so depressed and in pain, get your gp to sign you off work, you are no good to anyone or yourself when you are suffering so much and you need 'you' time to start to get your life into perspective. Have you got a good friend or family member who could help you - someone you could bounce ideas off and take advice from. Most important - have a laugh with some one. Check your area for a local support group, check out fibro uk online for this - this is another great site. Gentle hugs and keep your head up!


Hi this is my first time on this forum. Was diagnosed with fibro 3 years ago. Have been following this forum for a few weeks after I joined up. Am a bit down at the moment, Was recently transferred from Incapacity benefit to Esa Wrag. Although I am high rates for my Dla. They are telling me I'm fit for work. I have other health issues as well including diabetes and arthritis. So I have put in an appeal and am waiting on word. Wish me luck as I think I'm going to need it.


Thanks for your comments I don't feel so alone when I know u are all in the same boat. Well I'm sorting through mountains of paperwork today so I'm ready for tomorrow. Still struggling to get people to write letters that I need especially my employer. I will keep you all up dated on how it goes and weather my appeal is successful tomorrow or not. Wish me luck I think I'm gonna need it : ( take care x


I really feel for you, I live in Ireland and the situation for allowances is different but similar too (if you know what I mean) a friend of mine is going through the appeals process at the moment after being out of work for a long time and he has had an op but it wasn't successful and he may need another one, he has been refused twice and is appealing again and we were just talking about how frustrating it is trying to get paperwork together, especially when you need stuff from people who are slow to give what you need like employers etc. you can call them and tell them what you need but you can't physically make them hand it over in time!

I have only recently been diagnosed with Fibro but now know have had it for years, maybe back to my teens and I am in my 40's and got diagnosed because I got a bad flare nearly two years ago that goes up and down but refuses to go away!

I have found the advice her invaluable and it is just great to have people who know what we go through on a daily basis.

I hope all goes well for you tomorrow:)


* the advice HERE not HER lol!


I know what you meant lol thank you I kinda don't feel so alone when people comment on similar things. I don't feel like it's just me the world hates lol x



I'm in the same boat as you all , but after many appeals ect I can almost assure you ,under pip no way will you get dla if you do any kind of work , wrong as it is , it is the truth.

Goodluck guys ,

C x


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