Suns up skies blue and my inner glow is buzzing you guessed it after three days of no sleep I slept like a baby, a baby with intermittent cramps n restless leg but I slept. Once again I'm laid in my pit trying to delay the day, if I didn't spend my life procrastinating I could achieve soooo much like breakfast lol. All I wanted to say was good morning all hope today is full of special things n that the pain n fatigue lift so you can enjoy them n that the brain fog disperses enough for you to remember them . Have amazing days all cxxxxxx

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  • Thank you and I hope you have a amazing day as well😌!

  • Thank you. Hope you do too and you carry on getting as much night time sleep as possible. Enjoy your day :)

  • I am so genuinely delighted to read that you managed to get some really good sleep. You have an amazing day also.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Morning,,,glad you slept well,,,,it was your turn for the sleep,,,,,,hope you get another good night very soon,,,,ttfn from Karen.

  • Soon will do thank you Karen maybe next week xxxxx at least I ain't working xxxxxx

  • Well I say night, night, sleep well,,and be rested,,,Karen.

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