Think I need to give up work

Hi everyone, im after some advice on what to do about work ? in the last year I have had lots of sick days due to my fibro flare ups. I cant seen any improvement in my condition if anything its getting worse, having a lot of trouble in the last couple weeks with my knees the pain is awful. my problem is if I finish work would I be able to claim ESA. im not work shy ive worked for 30 years in various jobs and my current employer has done everything to help with regards to adjustments, the problem is I have heard if I give up my job I wont be able to claim anything for a couple of weeks, can anybody advise me on this many thanks kim x

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  • Hi,

    If you have paid in enough Ni contributions you may fall into being able to apply for 'contribution ESA'.

    You can apply at the point of not being employed.

    There are different types of ESA and other benefits. Have a good read up.

    I'm sure other members will come along soon with info you will find helpful.

    I was in your position, I worked all my life, hung onto working whilst unwell for as long as possible. Bottom line was I couldn't sustain it . Life changing ):.


    I wish you all the best xx

  • Hi. thanks for your advice take care kim x

  • I am in a similar situation - worked for 41 years so have enough contributions for ESA, (I think). I have been summoned to a meeting next week to discuss my "continued absence" - not looking forward to it at all - I think it's easier to resign, however I am not going to............good luck, xx

  • hi, as much as I would like to stay in work ive come to the conclusion my body as had enough, never thought it would come to this but I know now its what I need to do, take care kim x

  • Hi I went off sick for the first time on the 30 th jan 2014 and was let go due to ill health on the 23 rd of July ,don't resign it makes things harder to get help ,go off sick and let your company follow its procedures ,it's not nice but it's the way the government wants it apply for pip but cab to do forms as it will be refused and you will need help for appeals unfortunatly and if there there in the beginning it's easier for you. Good luck xx

  • Shadow walker is right! If it was me personally I would give myself a good rest and see if the flare up lessened any if you're still debating what to do. If you have definitely decided you are leaving do it the way shadow walker suggested though.

    Good luck xx

  • Hi, thanks for your advice, I have lost so much work over the last 2 years due to flare ups ive had enough especially its now effecting my legs take care kim x

  • Hi, thanks for your advice like you said its best to go with the flow and see what happens, because I know there is no way I can carry on working, take care kim x

  • Hi, thanks for your advice I think the best thing to do is go with the flow like you said and see what happens take care kim x

  • Hi kimey007

    I am so sorry to read this, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I personally would go off sick and see how it goes? I was also wondering if you claim PIP? As this is an extra income that you could try and apply for?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with whatever you decide to do.

    All my hopes and dreams fro you


  • Hi , thanks ken take care kim x

  • I know this from recent experience. You wont get anything for the first 7 days whatever happens. Can you negotiate fewer hours or lighter duties. Each employer has a duty of care but doesn't always realise that or put it into action. Occupational health may help there. If there's not a department at work you can still get a referral, though small employers tend to be reluctant on cost grounds. You may have to push.

    Try this as a starting point

    I think you can get ESA what ever, but the amount may vary. I don't earn enough to qualify for SSP but get ESA and housing/council tax benefit. That said, I'd rather be back at work.

    Hope it helps.

  • Hi, I have tried always to make my work life easier, but its at the stage where my body is exhausted and lately the fibro has really been affecting my legs, so as much as I would like to continue working my body wont let me, take care kim x

  • Hi I am just going through this myself. I had been sick from work since April 2014 and had several assessments by occ health from work. My meeting with work at the end of last year was to tell me they cant keep me on and they medically dismissed me. I have reluctantly claimed ESA which was backdated to when SSP ended (even though I was still employed at the time) and within 1 week of claiming I had another form to complete for ESA with possible medical to follow. I miss work and my colleagues more than I thought I would but I couldnt have carried on as I was getting sicker and the job was high concentration and way too stressful. I agree with what has been said. Let your employer go through their procedures as you will get more help if you are dismissed. If you are not getting paid SSP by your employer it might be worth applying for ESA now and if you have paid enough contributions they may well pay you ESA(C). Good luck with it all.Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • I am also in a similar situation. I have been off work since July and have been told today that my full sick pay will end in Feb dropping down to SSP. I am wondering if I would be able to claim PIP. I cannot walk far so I am u able to return to work at the moment. It's so upsetting that we have to worry about money as well as trying to get ourselves better. Xxxx

  • hi, I have been struggling in work for months and I have come to the conclusion that my health comes first. because the more I have pushed myself to work the more my health as suffered and the stress of it all makes the condition worse, im going to take each day as it comes take care kim x

  • Hi I had a stroke in February last year and have worked all my life apart from having 4 kids but back to work I could not go back to work I had lots of meetings at work then they asked if they could aske my GP form medical records I give them permission to do so I had nothink to lose from it the called me back in say the doctor had sent them a letter telling them I wou not be fit for any work for a long time so had two mangers from head office to see me they was very nice to me they had to let me go due to ill health I had had my 28 weeks sick pay so whent home phone job centre asked them wot to do as I have never had to clam any think I filled a form in over the phone had to phone work to get a from to say may sick pay was finished then they sent me a letter to fill in and to send all my hospital later so I did that then they sent a letter to fill in on my Heath I got my friend to help me or go to CAB to help u fill it in I got some money not a lot then I was put on the surport grop so got a little more money but that last for a year then u can try againe but if you got a partner u can not get nothink if u not got any contribution I had like you sould now just put in for PIP cos I was in hospital just before Xmas I lost the use of my leg think it was anther stroke so good lock let us know how u go on x

  • hi, sorry to hear your not well,thanks for your advice i dont know what i would do f i didnt have you guys to turn to, i have had some great advice you take care kim x

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