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Ill Health Retirement from NHS Appeal


Hi All.....I first applied for my ill health retirement from my nursing job in December with all the necessary documents including full support etc....finally on 19th Feb 15 it was declined on very dubious grounds. Basically they miss interpreted information, gave a personal opinion not based on any evidence and picked two symptoms that are well controlled to claim that they aren't fully investigated...honestly it was full of complete nonsense. I was advised to write to OH Assist with as much detail as possible to then wait another 4 weeks to receive a memo stating that I should appeal. I feel as if I've waisted the last 5 weeks when I could be appealing. It's a disgrace the way have handled my case so say I'm stressed out by it is only half the I've submitted another set of information in the vain hope I'm successful. ...It didn't help that the Occ. Health Manager in my area was down right rude and having not read my case said I was too young at 44 and it's about time I accepted it and got back to work....I'm not sure how she knew that having not read my notes !!

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There should be a complaints procedure for Occupational Health, these are often services that are subcontracted; perhaps your manager needs to know that they are not providing a very informed or professional service. Your Human Resources need to know this too as they base all employment decisions on information from this service. They should also be part of your application process. Is it relative to your level of contributions so far? Is there information on the pension gateway that will help you?Are you in a union? Is this something they can help with?

Fingers crossed for you x


I am so sorry to read that you are experiencing these difficulties, and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to the problem. I would seek help and assistance from wherever you can find it? I was wondering if you have consulted a union? Or the CAB etc?

I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Can CAB help you or point you in other directions? Also if you are in a union they may be able to help. If not you may be abke to join and receive assistance straight away rather than the usual waiting periods.

Also, if you are unhappy about the medical assessment/opinion given you can make a complaint to the superior ( get hold of complaints policy for them first as often they are not employees but contracted out)

If you are close to being dismissed On the grounds of I'll health then im sure theres a lot of advice and assistance CAB and Union can give you.

If this stress etc causes you to consider resignstion please get legal Advice on constructive dismissal claims before you do.

I hope you find a way through this, it would be interesting if you get hold of the policy on absence and I'll health retirement and compare if they have followed it with you, if not you should say so!

I'm sorry if this post is a little bitty but I'm getting foggy lol

My post cones from some level of understanding in these issues. I used to be a union steward and have represented myself twice at tribunal and someone else and win all 3 - grsnted they were far simpler than your situation I WOULDNT do the appeals and any complaints all myself without advice.

I wish you good luck and challenge EVERYTHING xxx

Are you in a union because they can support you through this procedure. I was a teacher and went through OCC who said they supported me and didn't send the relevant evidence, they were absolutely useless and my first application for ill health was refused. I used my union and with there help I was succesful.

But whatever you do fight your case, don't give up. Good luck.

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