my muddled mind

I thought of this a minute ago!

To write it down took an hour or so?

The thought it came in,

and then Edited by Admin off!!

I'll stop for a minute

my minds in a froth

Now where was I ?

Oh god, my mind has gone blurry

I'll cuddle the cat she's soft and furry

I'm digressing again and this is not good

Now my minds gone like a plank of wood ?

Now where am I ?

Oh i'm sat on the bed

and the cat is meowing, oh has she been fed ?

Oh I give up and I've got to lie down

Why does my brain make me act like a clown ?

Why the hell am I asking ME!!!???

Take this Fibro away


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  • Brilliant! You are good at these! 🐸

  • thanks, but only when my minds actually working which these days sadly isn't very often, but thankyou for your kind words xx

  • I know just what you mean! I can often read a reply I've put on a post and don't actually remember writing it! But I must have done it lol 🐸

  • 👍🤗👏

  • That's really good it sounds like it's coming from your 💙!!! Peck 🐤

  • That is wonderful, thank you so much for sharing it is genuinely appreciated :) :)

  • Sounds like fibrofog to me, along with fatigue. Getting out of bed and on with chores is like climbing a mountain.

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