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Enlarged uterus - Fibroid

Hi I have been kind diagnosed with a enlarge uterus/womb but no one will confirm it. This weekend I ended up in A and E due to my period causing me so much pain I couldnt walk or stand. They thought it was kidney stones but have said its not its large fibroids as its not life threatening until I struggle to pass water or stool. So I have been refered back to doctors. For further tests and scans has anyone experienced similar as feel so in the dark at the moment. Its worrying as we got married 3 months ago and were planning to try for children

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I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Evonne, and welcome to HealthUnlocked.😊

Without wishing to be rude in any way, I'm wondering having read your post whether you might be better off looking for help in a different forum to ours, Fibroids and fibromyalgia are very different things - fibro is a chronic pain condition and not to do with gynaecological issues. however do please forgive me if I've got it wrong and you have fibromyalgia and are having problems with your fibroids too.

If I am right here is the link to one of the forums which might be able to help you, though I am sure some of the members here, if they have had a similar experience to yours will no doubt help as much as they can, but it might be worth also posting in where you might find help as well😊

I hope this is of use to you and I am sending lots of positive vibes your way 😊😊

Foggy x

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Hi evince I sympathise with you on that issue. I have the same problem three years ago. Doctor and medical personal doesn't thing it is a big deal when you have fibroid. I was 46 when I starting having heavy bleeding for a whole year. I was put on tablets to stopped the bleeding

But it didn't help. Until I passed out with loss of blood. I was told by my hp that there is nothing they can do about it . I have to wait until my menapause when my period will stopped. Then the fibroid will start dying slowly through lack of blood flow

They don't think to understand how bad the pain is. And the stressed that came with the heavy bleeding. You should go back to your gp and insist that you go and see a gynaecology for further test. And explain to them that you are trying for a family.

I hope this will help. Don't take no for an answer. And don't give up like I did. Good luck

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Hello Evonne

I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing a lot of pain in regards to having fibroids and uterus difficulties l can relate to your situation as l am currently experiencing chronic pain in my stomach area which has been difficult to live with even though this will be seen as a gynaecological issue and you should ask to see a specialist to explore your options as l am going to have a procedure done due to having fibroids and very heavy periods l do believe due to having fibro the pain that l am experiencing has got worse as l have always had painful periods but they are a lot worse now and is affecting my quality of life, this is why l am trying to have something done about it l found l did have to be persistent by keep visiting the GP who finally did do a referral to the gynaecologist. When you read info about fibro it does say that women with fibro can have experience more problems with there periods uterus etc . It's offen difficult when you are dealing with pain in different areas of your body to have other thing addressed affectively l hope you get something sorted out take care

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I too had all that at age 20 I would only have 2 days out of a month that I had no bleeding. I seen a OB that was great , he tried removing the fibrosis by laser surgery. But I ended up with tumors in the uterus at 23 so I had an emergency hysterectomy. So do understand your pain to some extent. My prayers are with you.

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Hi Evonne1979,

After years of having terrible period pains and heavy bleeding, I was diagnosed with a large uterus due to fibroids. After a lot of insistance on my part, I was eventually referred to a consultant gynaecologist who treated me. I had grown up children so opted for a hysterectomy at age 51. However there are other options for you if you plan to have a family. My gynaecologist is one of the top NHS consultants in the UK who has knowledge of treatments that really work. Before he agreed to perform the hysterectomy, he gave me injections in order to shrink the large fibroids. I believe there are other alternatives available for treating fibroids especially for women who are planning to have a family. Ask your G.P for a referral to a consultant gynaecologist at one of the teaching hospitals.

I hope you get some help soon.

Good Luck xx

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