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pip renewal

i was awarded pip two years ago for a three year period.

that runs until next july 2016. but three weeks ago .i was sent a renewal form form the dwp.

i dont know how they expect me to know how my illness will be in a years time.

anyway i sent the forms back in along with other stuff .

only to find a letter friday morning from atos saying i have to have an appointment with them again.

my last appointment was a home visit .this time they are saying i must go to one of the places.

to be checked over i rung and said i was under the inpression that if i had home visit before i should get the same again.they told me no way only if i had a letter from my doctor stating that.

so i have to go and see him to get him to tell them .

i dont understand why the dwp have done this if i was awarded high rate of both components last time.

i have my gp and my ot officer both at a loss as to why they have done this .

i would be greatful for any advice as iam lost on what to do .

i have severe spinal stenosis degenerative arthritis very bad anxiety and asthma.

i get really bad pains in my back hips legs feet arms shoulders just about everywhere.

every now and again my feet swell so bad i carnt stand on them. and my hands have a habit of cramping.so i carnt grip anything . my ot officer has assessed me and my illness and has been in touch with my local council. to demand they give me a dropped curb .because she feels iam in desperate need as my walking is very limited.she has also requested that i be giving a stair lift but this dosent seem to be enough for dwp or atos .she also told me .when atos turn up (if i get home visit) that i have to ask them there full name medical expertise and there medical number .she said they will try and avoid giving me there number they will come out with all sorts of stuff.just to aviod giving me it . but i have to right to have it .as i may need it in case of any appeal . i asked her what she ment and she said .that they are not all gp's some are not really medical professionals .so i will need it to show they didnt have the knowledge to give me a full and proper assessment .all this has really brought me down to my knees .iam having even more trouble sleeping. (dont sleep alot as it is ). its made me really feel like giving in and saying ok

you win .ill just give up my pip award and not bother to try and renew it . i would be very greatful to any one of you wounderful people for any advice .

thank you in advance


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It is the new morm for pip to be reassessed a year in advance of end date 8(

The person who does your assessment will be a disability health advisor and can be anything from an sen nurse,physiotherapist to a doctor(only for certain conditions). They have all been ,apparently ,fully trained to give medical assessments to any condition which beggars belief really that a mental health nurse can deasl with musculosdkeletal problems and a physio deal with PTSD,depression etc , but that is unfortunately the way the system is set out.

The main thing is to get your point across about how your day is affected by your conditions and back this up with written reports.

Good luck and hope you get the award you deserve


I would keep a journal of your pain if I was you that way you can also put there information in it. Like a medical log book I hope that makes sense.


Unfortunately this seems to be the norm. now they don't seem to be leaving it until near the end date to reassess. Even though you were given the highest rates there will be reassessments as they check that nothing has changed I no it seems totally unfair but that seems to be the system now.

You are correct in thinking that it is rare that the assessor is a doctor they are more likely to be nurses or physics which can go in your favour if you ever have the misfortune to have to go to Tribunal.

Please don't give up on the Pip as from your post you are just the sort of person who is deserving of this award. As others have said it would be good to keep a log to show how difficult each day is for you and the type of problems you suffer from so you don't forget anything on the day. Good luck and let us know how you get on.x


I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies so I will just genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your assessment, fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



It shouldn't be this way, it just causes unnecessary anxiety and stress to the people in our society we should be protecting and taking care of. I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself.p


Go to benefits & work site. You have to fight the system

Hugs to all


Hello Richard, I am sorry to tell you the PIP is a separate benefit from the ESA letter you have just received, and they are even more awkward and down right difficult to deal with. The main aim is to get you to go to work, and they don't care how much distress they put you through. You have got your doctor on the side of giving medical details, stating your conditions, good on them.

The information about fake 'medical' people, that is good advice to check on their credentials and registration to the medical authorities. They when arranging the home visit (hold out for that) get the details of the person who is visiting, then go to the RCGP Royal College of General Practitioners, or the BMA they might be able to give you some information, or just google them?!?!?.

I hope you get through this further distressful situation, and would your gp come to the interview at your home?

Take care and take your time in all things, your health is more important than going to these face to face sessions with these dead faced clerks from the dwp, I hope that the atos sods have been gotten rid of by now, although the ones that are replacing them could be even worse in their approach,read about them some where.

Wishing you good luck and care, ttfn from Karen.


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