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I came out of hospital on Friday after having an inguanal mesh hernia repair as a day patient. Not sure if this has set my fibro off worse or what but, I have never been in so much pain! The operation site is so sore and I'm bruised passed my belly button and down my leg! I had one done 10 years ago and it wasn't like this at all! I can hardly walk, having trouble sitting up, lying down or even just moving! Reading the leaflet I was given I should be able to walk properly now, I wished!! Let's hope it feels a bit better tomorrow.

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  • Sending you lots of love and speedy healing, take it steady xxx

  • Hope you do feel better tomorrow. If you don't though might be a good idea to contact the day surgery or your GP just to check all is ok.

  • with fibro everthing hurts more takes us longer to heal but you can always get advicefrom the day surgery or gp hope yoy start to feel some ease soon best wishes,x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are struggling and suffering and I sincerely hope that your problems with this ease tomorrow.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Since it was 10 years ago , you have to remember your body is aging and will not come back from surgery as fast .

  • Thank you all, I might just ring my g p and ask for some advise. Redhots7 you trying to say I'm old! Lol mind I do forget I'm getting older my big 60 in January xx

  • My wife had the same operation a few months ago and the effects were far worse than the first operation. According to the Consultant this was to be expected. Thank Heavens she does not have Fibro or it would be even worse.

    I hope that your recovery goes well and that the pain becomes more 'liveable' as time progresses.

  • Thank you, I seem to be moaning every day just now! The pain can become unbearable sometimes. Moan over

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