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It's all in a good days fibro

First thing in the morning, after being up all night

I walk right past the mirror and get a blinkin' fright

I thought I saw a Panda there lookin' back at me

But no, just two dark circles where sparkling eyes should be.

I get into the bathroom before anyone even knows

And I get into a pickle just picking up my clothes

A little space is all we have, you couldn't swing a cat

And then the soap goes down the loo, oh darn oh damn oh drat.

As I try to go in boldy where no hand dares to go

My hand is down there longer as I'm too flippin' slow

I catch the soap and wonder why, I really should just flush

Easier to use another bar, my body's not in any rush.

I look and look, and look again, at the toothbrush sitting there

Cleaning teeth is major work and do I really dare

Up and down and side to side, my arm is dropping off

And then I choke upon the foam and now I start to cough.

Dressing up was once such fun but now it's just a chore

I try to get my jumper on and my head, it hits the door

I try to rub my head and my fingers get caught up in knots

Fibro is like having flu and yes now I have the snots.

So now I have a major job to train and beautify my hair

That means raising arms again, I wish there was none there

So where's the brush, it's gone again, sure I brought it in

I know I aint gone crazy, oh look, it's in the bin.

So once again I have to bend and that really packs a punch

By the time I get the groundwork done it will be time for lunch

So now I have done in here and there's a queue there for the loo

I have to think about all the things I really want and need to do.

The house is pretty busy, the family rushing around

And I don't see the ruddy dog and go hurtling to the ground

Two pairs of eyes they stare, and the dogs too, that makes pair three

And hubby says I'll make a brew, to save you doing it, oh yes and one for me.

My body it is aching and it is only half past ten

If I could get back up those stairs I'd go to bed again

But alas that will not happen, I won't let this fibro win

But some days I really do feel like jumping straight into the bin.

How many aches and pains can we cope with in one day

And how do we get all these people to listen to every word we say

No one understands how very hard and real this thing really is

And no it's not just us having a bad day and us getting in a tiz.

My hubby has even noticed I constantly watch the time

To get back up those stairs at night really is sublime

We may not always be comfy, and we will always be in pain

But I would rather be on my own at times in case I go insane.

So if you want to add a verse to make our plight seem stronger

Add a verse of your own, just four lines and we can make it longer

I say to you that you can pass this around to everyone you know

But now I have got two numb hands, that's Fibro, so there you go.

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How can us mere mortals hope to dare compete

with OG the queen of lyricists, surely much too great a feat

Her hubby makes her tasty treats which keeps the words a coming

but my poor brain has shrivelled up, can't come up with nothing

I could just blame the Fibro fog, or p'raps my hubby's cooking

but truth is there are no brain cells left, no point in even looking

A poet I could never be, so I shan't even try

I'll leave it all to Ozzygirl, before I make you cry.

Jane x ;)


PS Remind me not to shake hands with you should we ever meet. I know where they have been ;p


And now you are a poet, easy aint it lol, love it xxxxx


Not easy at all. You have a real talent! As the others say, you should publish! Jane x


A fantastic 4 lines joining the original poem which is wonderful! OG you have a real talent and I absolutely love reading them! They are spot on and most really make me laugh so thankyou.

Lady, you should be proud of yourself! It isn't easy as you realise and takes some effort when it doesn't just flow. I had a few published around 10 years ago and I would have trouble stringing my name together now lol.

Thankyou both for making me smile. Long may it continue ;-D

Love and gentle huggles

Chilli xxx


I do have another one in the pipeline, but I wll work on it tonight whilst in bed. I had a bit of an accident today whilst out. THe bus was still, I was not. I hit the bar hard when I lost my balance, and it happens to be the right shoulder which the worse of the two. So it is burning like hell. But that gave me inspiration for another one I need to wrok on, but one at a time eh xxxxx


Ozzy you really should get these published it would explain to our condition so well and they are brilliant x J


What and blow my chances off keeping my DLA lol. Or PIP depending where I end up. Having them on here is enough for me, lots of people will read it, and that makes me smile :)


ha ha ok still could publish and give money to fibro charity xx


I could do but the DWP would see it as being able to write for long periods of time. But they are not always easy to do and I spend my evenings awake and I write down the idea and then take it from there. Once upon a time they just used to flow, but Fibro took care of that lol xxxxx


Well done both of you, ladygreenfingers be proud of yourself you're a poet but you didn't know it lol xx


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