Sight and Fibro

I had my annual sight test yesterday and was told my sight had improved in some aspects and declined in others. Also that the pressure in my eyes is on the higher side of normal. Last year I was having my eyes checked every month as my vision kept altering going down slightly then up then down,,.... Is this just a quirk or is it something that happens with fibromyalgia?


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  • Some reports say fibro can play a part in eyesight , others say no .... Personally when I got to 47 .. Two years ago my eyesight changed rapidly for the worse .. I now have varifocals when I used to have perfect vision in one eye and the other not so good.. Now they are both pretty awful although my optician assures me my eyes are healthy....

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  • Omg that is bad fibro fog .... I am 48 not 49 :o

  • My eyes get tired and achy much more quickly then they used to, and I think that is a result of fibro, but I still have pretty good vision and can read without glasses, which is unusual at the age of 64.

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  • Thank you both for making me smile as well as answering my question.



  • My eyes fluctuate. I went to the opticians and she said it is the fibro. My eyes take time to focus on something but once it does they are fine and there was only a slight change in prescription. Was also told to get anti glare.

  • Thanks. Yes, I was told to get anti glare lens too. I hated it every time they shone light into my eyes.



  • I truly believe fibro plays big part in so many things and for me personally I believe thats reason I had cataract op 2 yrs ago at age of 44. I have always had my eyes checked every yr and my eyesight has always been reasonably good until Sept 2010. I had had my annual eye exam in the May but by Sept I was really struggling to read anything. I went back to my optician and he said in all his yrs of practise he had never seen a cataract develop and grow like that. I was referred to hospital straight away and put on list for surgery and had my op Easter 2011. Now I have developed cataract in my other eye only thankfully not growing at that speed but I have really seen a decline in my eyesight over last few wks again. I struggle to read texts on my phone now and cant read magazines. Thankfully I have my kindle so I can adjust the font size and easily read that. I wear varifocals but still struggle. The optician put it down to the medication and amount of medication I take. I was originally diagnosed with fibro 17 yrs ago so have been on lots of different meds over the yrs.

  • My eyesight seems to be getting worse,I did have a test last summer which resulted in me needing reading glasses and even struggle with light ,now i don;t know if it;s age or fibro lol x

  • My symptoms of fibro first started with severe eye pain in my left eye, and very labile pressures in that eye, eventually so severe that I lost some of the vision in that eye, and I had paradoxical effects to glaucoma drugs which caused the pressures to rise, and laser which caused the pain to get worse. In the end I had to have the same operation as catarats - they did it in my left eye and then in my right eye a week later to protect it although it was fine - my eye is painfree just now, vision excellent, pressures low. But blurring of vision and double vision is one of the symptoms of myofascial pain syndrome, which over 70% of people with fibro have, so I don't think this is surprising. I had an underlying acute angle closure glaucoma which complicated things, but I am sure that the fibro played a big part.

  • Thank you ladies for all your replies. I am thinking fibre has a great deal to do with it. I know my physic did ask me if I had trouble with my eyes as she felt that fibre haa a knock on effect on so many things we don't even realise are connected to fibre but that unfortunately there was no firm research on the matter.



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