Hi I'm on flat high rate for care and mobility and worried sick as I've had a letter to apply for pop. Worked all my life had hysterectomy then became doublet incontinent fibromyalgia and was going to have a colostomy but to scared because everyone I have an operation something else goes wrong. Discs in my back have prolapsed too so walking painful doubt if I have a chance at pip

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  • Sorry you are having such a hard time. Do not try to fill the form all in , in one go. Suggest you write down a draft and then think,about what you want to say before the final version.

    Many people have been successful in applying for PIP so why not you.

    Gentle hug. X

  • I think with all your health problems and the way they must affect you that you should have a good chance of getting PIP. Like Betty says if you have to fill in the form yourself do take it a few questions at a time. I would personally read the whole form through a couple of times before even attempting answering as they descriptors are slightly different to DLA. It would be good if you kept a diary for say 2 weeks noting when you get up in the morbing, how long it takes you to do certain tasks like washing and dressingand how it affects you physically. Also remember that with pain there often comes fatigue so dont foget to mention thst as well. Remember to mention any aids you use and even if you have tried using certain aids but were unsuccessful or they made your condition worse. Remember they know nothing about you so you have to paint a picture.

    See if you can get help from someone like th CAB but if not a site like Benefit and Works has some marvellous guides and the subscription which is valid for a year is well worth the money. Good luck when you do have to apply.x

  • Thank u. I had to get my daughter to ring pip as I had a letter that gave me a month to reply but my ska doesn't end till March. Got a scan on my liver Monday as shadows found whilst doing my ct scan. I know there are plenty worse off and I shouldn't moan but there are plenty of days u wish it would all stop x

  • Vicky Good luck with the scan I can imagine you are really worried and can do without the PIP question hanging over your head as well. They do seem to be asking people to apply for PIP in some cases way before the DLA runs out as again as they give you a month to do the form and get it back, someone looks at it and then if it is an assessment they have got to give you a date for that, do it and make a decision so by that time if they don't get a move on it can be close to when your DLA ends. I presume you were given it for a fixed time?

    Never worry about moaning as even the most resilient have nights and days when everything looks bleak. I had a little wobble Friday and yesterday as I had had no rest day or night and had been feeling really I'll for weeks. Had a better night and zi am now more optimistic again we all go in swings and roundabouts.

    Let us know what happens when you get the results of your scan, fingers crossed.x

  • hi vicky dont worry about it with all your heath problems i dont see why anything has to change for you just take your time with your form make sure you send in all your letters just tell it how it is the help you need with your daily living and your mobility you should be fine dont worry x

  • Hi get yourself a disabilities advocate , look on line for you nearest branch , don't fill the form in yourself , if you can't get hold of advocate contact a CAB advisor to do it with you it's important, and get that person to be with you for your assement , also I to be honest made sure i was haveing a bad day on the day of the assement . so they could see what a bad day really is . I really over did it 2 days before assessment ,I am waiting to find out if I was successful, on bad days I am also doubly incontent.

    Good luck


  • Hi Vickyw67

    Welcome to the forum and it is wonderful to make your acquaintance. I am so genuinely sorry to read of your fear of not qualifying for PIP, and I have pasted you a link below to our mother site Fibromyalgia Action UK who have a benefit helpline that you may find useful:


    As the others have already said, the CAB is a great place to start for help with filling in your PIP forums. I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your claim and with your health.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank u all so very much again I'm awake at 4.30 am after just an hours rest having to have my bed and me changed so embarrassing

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that but please do not feel embarrassed, we all understand how difficult it can be and all the embarrassing stuff that comes with it.

    Please take care of yourself


  • I think everyone under retirement age has to go through this, I could be wrong but that is my understanding of it.. it is supposed to stop confusion.. :( Though to me since all these new categories have been brought out like Pip.. Universal credit etc.. things have become more complicated.. for instance my daughter was told she was not entitled to any more help even though paying a lot of her ESA on her mortgage.. yet we knew you can get underlying entitlement in certain circumstance ie looking after another who needs care.. now that would have been called income support at one point but, they think to give it a new name makes it easier on everyone..not to me it doesn't but then most of life seems harder to me now then it was years ago I put it down to me getting old.. :) But I don't think it is good luck and try not to worry xx

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