I went for a medical with Atos on the 25/09/2015 up to date no descision about my claim .I have 4 fractures on my spine, one fracture a very nasty one .YET the examiner after seeing the xray of my spine still carried out the torture on me, I ended up in hospital in absolute agony .we're do I stand in complaining ! Pls note a descision on my claim has yet to be made

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  • If you have a hospital report you should I think seek legal guidance on this one, sounds appalling the way you were treated. I wish you the best of luck. Lou

  • Hi lou ye my surgeon was furious over it as I've just had an umbilical hernia operation in the 14th August so with that alone I was in agony ..Fortunately the monster at the medical hasn't caused no further damage but I was in bed for 4 days after be honest it felt like I'd been physically assaulted as she knew quite well of the fractures on my spine ..

  • I haven't had to go through this as yet, it appears to me that the assessors have no training or common sense. I hope you recover well physically and mentally, what an ordeal xx

  • Paul that sounds horrendous, I am very sorry you were put through that completely unnecessary.!!! Also making your Pain Way worse. I am sorry I do not know how you can resolve this. Hopefully Others Will Point You In Right Direction. Do Take Care. Jan.X

  • Thanx firbeglow for your kind words .

  • Contact the CAB and ask them for advice, they will give you the support and help you so rightly deserve, good luck my friend and I hope that you are not in too much discomfort long :) xxx

  • Hi I had a pip assement last week ,my asser took one look at me and said your not well enough to be medically assessed , I haven't had results yet .

    I would suggest you get a letter of complaint off do you have an advocate to represent you , that would be my first port of call and maybe even league action ,it a disgrace

    Be kind to your self

    Chris X

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read of this and if you want to complain directly to ATOS, then I have placed the link below:

    As you are probably aware, ATOS are only covering a small area until their contract finishes. So I was wondering if it was ATOS? Or was your assessment carried out by Capita? I have also placed a link below for complaints:

    The GOV.UK website also have a complaints procedure that you can use, and again, I have placed you a link below:

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi this sounds horrendous. But if I remember correctly in the notes you get before medical it says that if you feel the physical will cause problem don't do it. Think the dr who assessed me said the same thing. So I don't know where you stand with the complaint. But as mentioned before go get advice from CAB.

    I wish you well for speedy recovery.

  • You are right, they are total maniacs.

    Well what happened to you,via absolutely horrific! They are not aloud to use any force or pressure on any part of you and especially on your spine (neck or back). They are definitely not aloud to do any of this to a person who has spinal injuries and fractures. This is very dangerous and you need to put in a complain immediately. Somewhere in the paperwork they sent you with appointment letter, there is the information on how to make a complaint.

    I would send the complaint direct to them, and a copy to DWP, your GP, any consultant you are under, and you could also write to your MP telling him what's happened and asking him to help chase them for a written apology.

    I'm suggesting to tell a few people such as these, because if the ATOS person has caused you any additional symptoms and/or damage, you will have evidence of what has happened. You want a written apology so that you make them own up to what's happened as you may need to sue them in the future.

    I'm so sorry to hear what has happened to you. Wishing you 'as well as you can be', Claire πŸ‘

  • Hiya so sorry to hear that.

    You need to ring ATOS Now and get a complaint lodged before the decision is made about how you were treaded.

    I did it the day after the assessment. Any way long story short they are coming to my house to talk about the assessment on 19th I just can't wait.

    Got my local MP involved as well as CAB.

    Send your hospital record of being admitted your doctor should have a copy.

    I got my results 2 weeks after lost my car and some benifits all because I can plan a journey .

    Any way hope your feeling better so .

    Take care


  • there is a company called Maximus now as well doing assessments was at one yesterday and if I wrote about it here you would not believe what went on. they had to stop seeing people after 1.30pm as the appointment makers had overbooked by 50% because they ''thought'' some might not turn up but those poor souls who did were told to go home as they were not going to be seen and they would be sent another appt.. even though many has traveled a distance and were in pain.. my daughters appt was at 1.30pm and she was fortunate to get seen at 3.30pm.. people who were complaining and asked for a complaints form were told there are none.. total shambles I do feel for you.. seek further help as it is so wrong x

  • Paul I was so sorry to read your post what a horrendous experience you must complain. Use their own complaints procedure but as others have rightly said copy it in to others and make sure they know you are doing that as it will be more difficult for them to wriggle out of responsibility.

    This is what happens when they quickly train up assessors who are not qualified on the areas they need to be. With your main condition you needed to be assessed by someone with in depth spinal knowledge . I reckon some of us here would be better assessors

    The difficulty of saying you are unwilling to do something g or have a certain examination. At the assessment because you know you will not be able to do it or it is going to cause you the emndous pain for days they tend to twist thus to you having refused with no explanation when you have actually explained why you woukd hsve difficulty doing it or you try to do it and can't complete the task because of pain they twist that to you did not put enough effort in. I wish now I had for up on their bed and had to have a JCB to get me off instead of trying to explain why it would be difficult a d her sayi g that is fine there is no need to do it and then putting on the form that I refused. I totally lose my patience and faith in the system being fair?

    Do hope that by now the pain is receding a little.x

  • I am very sorry about the pain that you experienced due to the assessor so lack of care.

    Anyone going for an examination is entitled to refuse to be physically examined if you know that it will cause you additional pain. Make sure that they write down the reasons for your refusal.

    If you suffer pain as a result of a consented examination then let the person know. Once again, ask them to record details of your conversation.

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