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Hi....has anyone had any problems with loose teeth....Iv read it's to do with the body not absorbing calcium and vitamin D...a curse of the fibro I'm told....2 dentists said it is linked to fibro in that way...another says not....it must be more than coincidence to start with loose teeth now.....always had healthy teeth...well...ish anyway....one of my doctors said it is the fibro...another says not...anybody any ideas?

Thanks xx

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  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are experiencing this issue and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. I do not personally believe that Fibro can cause this, however, many Fibro sufferers have other underlying health issues which may cause this?

    I have Osteoporosis due to steroid use for another illness, and this has left me with teeth problems that require regular attention, but it is not caused by my Fibro. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi I'm a 15 year Fibro Surviver! Not to put a downer onto you. But I to have suffered from loose teeth. I say suffered as I've just had my remaining 6 teeth removed. I'm now the proud owner of a complete set of pearly whites. I definitely put this down to Fibro. I also have Restless Legs, Reynolds, cramp and burning of the feet, swelling of the ankles, legs and rarely the hands, extreme tiredness but can't sleep!!! - hence this very early morning blog. Oh and I also suffer from Degenerative Disc Desease. Which has it 's own srt of Lovely symptoms. Oh well it could be worse. In fact apart from all these "little" aches and pains I'm perfectly perfect!!!!!!!! Life must go on.

  • I don't know if fibro related but I too have pearly whites if I wear them. I am finding out they make my jaws hurt but that has more to do with the way my jaw is made. good luck

  • iam low in vit D,Doctors taken me of the tablets and waiting results of blood test, not sure if my levels will come back ok or if they do will stay that way now iam not on the vitamin tablets. There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice among different Doctors I asked the Doctor for a vitamin D blood test and he would not give me one it was only from the rheumatologist who did blood tests that confirmed it was low.

  • Omg this is me and its heartbreaking. 6 months ago i had healthy strong teeth, then i noticed wot i thort was a bit of gum in between my teeth but it wasnt it was my teeth coming away from my gums. Everyone is effected and last week end my front teeth which are capped one came off and the tooth underneath came with it leaving a bit in my gum. Went to dentist which they drilled a hole in wot was left and put a post in and put my cap back on. This wont last and been told many of my teeth are slack and probs need dentures. We suffer a hell of a lot with fibro, i also have ME osteo arthritis in back. Arthritis in hips, buldging discs, degenerative of lower back, IBS. It takes all your confidence this illness n hate it with a passion xx

  • Aw Paula so sorry to hear that!! Im the same... I noticed one at the front was a bit loose.. Then another... Then another... The dentist has been brilliant but more than likely cant save them! Im beside myself... There is a definite link between this and fibro... Ill try and find the page I was reading and link it on here... The teeth are healthy.. Its the bone and pocket.. Cant remember all the jargon used now... Im praying she can put a denture at the back and splint the front ones to that... If not its a full top denture... I darent evem eat at the moment... 😟😟😟 xx

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