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Up to speed on my last blog,, been on a rollercoacster

Hi my fibro fiends,

After my last post, thought I'd let you know how I've been doing. Heartbroken and bemused about everything my relationship break up, and the feeling of awakening from the worst 6 months of my life . The illness took over and I lost all hope of ever picking up. My health started to pick up and my relationship broke down. I have felt a bit better well enough to have a garden party with my nexdoor neighbour and so much enjoyed it . Had a full weekend with support and constant chit chat with my friends. The ex came round Friday like you guys thought he would i saw through him and felt elevated for knowing that and no I never went wobberly and gave into my feelings I just smiled and got through it. After I had my full weekend I feel great , and no longer alone. I can't listen to my ipod that's full of his music, lay on his side of the bed, or watch the programmes we used to enjoy together, but I can sleep eat and didn't wake up thinking of him this morning . Which is a really big bonus. I was beggining to think to myself, maybes I will die from a broken heart if I can't get any sleep . But I'm good now. Thanks everyone , your posts actually kept me strong and kept me going, you have no idea how much strength it gave me. Your all a super lot and I don't think I could feel as good as I do right now without you.

This site has been a tower of support in all ways thanks everyone x x

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Well done Jo.

A couple more jobs for you to do: Get someone to move the bed, burn the sheets, delete all his music, and find someone else to watch telly with.

You've had a narrow escape from years of misery, dear girl!

Love from Moffy x


Volunteers to burn the bed , move the sheets, watch the iPod and delete all recorded TV programmes .... Here's to a fresh start


VG x


good to hear, you're doing well :)



That sounds so much better :) keep going :) we are remember if you need us xgins


This is great news!

Keep this going and you will go from strength to strength.

Be relieved he's gone.

And don't come you horrible man!

Bibi x


An inspiration to us all. Well done you!



Good going sweetie. Apart from the odd wobble, you should find yourself getting stronger, happier and more empowered day by day and the real you will start emerging. Moffy's advice is very good. The size and shape of my bedroom wouldn't allow for a change of bed position so I changed the mattress. Was one of the best decisions I made as it felt as if I was ditching all that was old and grubby from my previous life and starting afresh. Another thing I found helped was giving myself a bit of a makeover so I could reinvent myself as the person I wanted to be not the person I'd been ground down into. I'm sure others that have been through this type of situation will have other tips. Keep up the good work x


I agree, wipe the iPod. Download some feel good songs, ones that make you move even if it hurts. There are two songs that get me wiggling my oversize hips, Olly Murs, Dance with me tonight, and ....... And..... Bugger!! I can't remember! I had it in my head 2 minutes ago. Oh it will come to me. Anyway. Chin up, you will be fine xxx


Well done. We are stronger than we think. Each month that passes you will go from strength to strength. Nice to know you have a good network of friends,they are invaluable at times like these.x


Well done lass the only way is up from here on as the others have said wipe the ipod and download your favourite tunes and do the bed thing, best of luck sithy :-)


And delete his number and change yours. It will hurt, after 26 years of marriage I still crave for a man I was engaged to in my early 20's. I still think of him often but usually think of just the good experiences and memories of those days.


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