Pip ho well

Well came back from my holiday to find nothing about pip ok no problem.

Today this morning gets a letter from motability to hand my car back. Hum not happy.

They know before me!

So rung DWP up they tell me they sent a letter on 7th sep which I haven't got funny that as I got a letter dated the 3rd sep tell me they have just got back my reports from my assessment, which makes it about 3 days to past it onto someone who makes the decision and tell me which they haven't.

So top and bottom of it all is no pip for me no car ho well life goes on. Now I got a form from ESA .

Will be appealing but could do with out it has having my operation on 16 th October.

Just thought I would let you all know. Can't write how I really feel cause Ken would have my guts and I don't think that I really know .

Take care G

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  • I can probably encapsulate how you are feeling "gutted".

    I have just looked at the Motability website for you as I was so distressed on your behalf nd found this. Don't know whether your circumstances are the same or if it will be of any help but thought I should post it just in case:-

    How much financial support can I expect as a car customer?

    If you first became a Scheme customer before January 2013 and return the car to the dealership in good condition and within 21 days of the DLA payments stopping, you will be eligible for a one-off £2,000 transitional support package.

    If you first became a Scheme customer in 2013, or you rejoined the Scheme during this period following at least a one year break, and return the car to the dealership in good condition and within 21 days of the DLA payments stopping, you will still be eligible for a one-off £1,000 transitional support package. This reduced, yet still significant, amount is because information on the Government’s plans for PIP has been publicly available since this point.

    If you become a customer after January 2014, or you rejoined the Scheme during this period following at least a one year break, you will not be eligible for transitional support or payments. However, if you return the car to the dealership in good condition and within 21 days of the DLA payments stopping, you will be eligible for the standard £250 which is line with our general policy for ending your contract early.

    Good luck with applying for ESA and of course when your operation comes around.x

  • Thank you rose wine yes I will get the £2000 from them it says so in the letter.

    My husband is just on Internet looking at cars but think it will have to be an old one or we just do without.

    The trouble is he likes fishing so if we don't get at car he is stuck for fishing unless his son takes him.

    Ho well I have decided will ask for a reconciliation and see what happen but you lose your car while your waiting.

    Sometime you just think suff you I hope that this is not to offensive lol.

    Just not with it at all don't really care all I want is to get through the next operation ok.

    There's much worse off people than me .

    Take care G

  • So sorry , hugs

    Shadow x

  • Thank you all will be alright in the end .

    My son is home from working abroad tonight so I am looking falward to that.

    Life goes on.

  • Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear this. I know just how much stress you've been under about the whole PIP thing.

    You seem to be taking it very calmly.

    I can't write how I feel either. Suffice it to say if I did I'd probably be banned on the spot.

    For what it's worth I'm sending you a huge hug.

    Enjoy your son's company.

    Hugs Lu xxxx

  • Thank you so much blue mermaid

    Yes I am taking it well I really don't know what to think it might be a different kettle of fish when I read the report, going to challenge it anyway but the car will be gone by then cause got to give it back .

    I just come back from hoildays to my cousins funeral my age out of the blue,

    And my nieces very younger brother in law only 22 fell of back of a tractor and died went in whatever was a the back of it.

    So you know what I consider myself lucky.

    Will fight a very good fight but what will be will be.

    Got holiday booked for next year with a lot of family might be last one due to fiancées but so what.

    That's just way I am just now very tired of it all.

    Take care G

  • You take care too. I'm so sorry to hear you've had to contend with 2 funerals as well.

    It never rains but pours.

    Take it easy Lu xxx

  • Yes just Seen your other meassage I fully agree with you .

    I will keep you all upto date and give you the gist of what goes on. I was going to post my complaint letter just about the assessment on here give people idea. Of what to write.

    But I ask Ken and apparently I can't do that .

    So when I have done letter about the results will put some high lights on.

    However Ken was great I email him privately and he said it was a very good letter and that was only about how the assessment was done.

    So we will get our teeth into them, ps my MP has a copy as well.

    Take care G

  • I wish you luck Newquay xxxx

  • Thank you think I will need it lol

  • Oh dear my friend, I really am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your appeal. It had made me so genuinely angry that you have been treated so appallingly in all of this saga. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Thank you very much Ken even though I am losing my car which ever way it come out

    , it's far from over.

    I can't explain how I feel because I am not mad I am not nothing. going to look at a few cars today my husband goes fishing so no car no fishing. We have set a target of not over £5000 so back to the old bangers for us.

    We have found a few that he likes the Volvo v50 seems to be favourite for now.

    We will get £2000 help so it's not as bad as it could be.

    Have a good week end if you can I am .


  • Good luck with car hunting my friend x

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