Hi all well I went to my gp yesterday to see if he would write an up to date letter for me to send to pip appeal , as they say if I had anything else I wanted them to consider to send it in a wk before the date, only for him to tell me no request has been made by dwp for any of my records, really can't see any point going as they will only have my appeal form and assesment info which they failed me , feel so let down by this whole process,

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  • I hope you can get this sorted. The stress can't be helping. I truly hope you get a good result.

  • You should try to stay as positive as possible.

    The Appeal process is very stressful and difficult but there's usually a qualified doctor on the panel (sometimes two) and they will go through all your symptoms with you and how it impacts on your day to day living so focus on how you cope day to day.

    You have Nothing to lose and Everything to gain by going and giving it your best shot no matter how scared and worried you are.

  • Hi, DWP did not request a letter from my GP either. What I've done this time is request a letter beforehand to attach to the form. You can take your GPs letter with you as an option? It is possible to win an Appeal with the original information also.

    All the best with the Appeal.


  • I did ask gp for a letter to send in but as the gp I've seen since my diagnosis has left and new one has seen me only 3 times he won't give one, I rang dial this morning and info they gave is dwp no longer ask gps for records and use info from assesments also they may give an in depth assessment on the day , still have no faith , in this,

  • Hi, That's really unsupportive of the new GP, and another option is to speak with the Practice Secretary, there will be notes made by the other GP on your records. Why are things so difficult. Although this letter would be helpful it is not essential, I have gone into an Appeal without the medical evidence I wanted, go for it at the Appeal, you will be able to make your case, give examples of your day to day difficulties, describe your symptoms, make a mental note of the safely, reliably, repeatedly, in good time, and to an acceptable standard and after effects. I found it helpful to make notes. Try not to lose heart, you can do this and have come so far. I found the Independent panel to be much more understanding and willing to hear my side.


  • Thank you, I hope they are abit more understanding, I have no faith in the medical profession at the moment , is it just me expecting to much ? But I like to be looked at when spoken to and spkoken to not down to, I thought I'd found a gp that I was comfortable with and wasn't wasting his time ,

  • When I asked my new GP he said unlike in the past the GPs opinion seems to hold no weight with the DWP and they are rarely asked. He said when they got the occasional request all they wanted to know was the patients illnesses and the list of meds nothing else. He sounded disgusted by this and he said even patients in wheelchairs were having to go to appeal. Best of luck with it all.x

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