Fibro pain

Hi i live alone and i have suffered from fibfo and cfs chronic kidney decease for about 12 years now i live in scotland and there is no help anywhere i go to my gp and get pain meds but because of the kidney problems i cant take my pain meds as much as i need to does anyone know of help in scotland i live in dumfries and galloway so cant get to glasgow thanks.

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  • Thanks christine.xx

  • Sorry i cant help you but i hope you get sorted and get some pain relief..

    Good luck xx

  • Thanks you are very kind.

  • Hi Pike, i can say TOUCHE' i lve alone with my young daughter moved back to scotland 04 and find no support and Medical rather neglectful,ive yet speak to a Dr regards Fibromyalgia,but also have Epilepsy,Osteo Arth,Spondylosis,and the side effects, there is so lack of understanding /support through out, a shame your on the west as im on the east ,just having someone to talk to in your own level makes the diffrence,Deep heat ive found benificial ,good luck

    Lavender x

  • Thanks Lavender

  • Hi Pike..... I'm in Fife.

    I dont visit anyone except my gp and only then when I need a change in meds or I have a new symptom.

    have been diagnosed for several years,do find my Gp very supportive(she new nothing about fibro at first and learned along with me so maybe that helps some.)

    I live with my 26year old son and work as a relief social care worker in a residential hoe for the elderly.

    hope you find some support nearby...if not this is a wonderful place to chat, get advice/ideas, have a moan and even get a giggle :-)

  • hi Tiiggerfan I'm in Fife too, but not getting much help from my GP keeps telling me it's just my fibro but I think there's more going on, been diagnosed almost 7yrs ago and never have had any tests done or seen a specialist since then :(

  • Hi Pike, i am in scotland but not near you, I only have my GP to ask for help and advice but she isn't much good, think I've exhausted her ideas, I'm suffering from extreme fatigue and pain had blood tests done last week so won't find out the results until Thurs, but in the past they've come back normal. I hope you get some help soon, take care

  • Thanks lisa-b and tiggerfan it helps knowing there are other poor buggers like myself,as i wright this i have been up for 2 hours and feel as if i have never slept my pain is about an 8-10 today so i am going to have a nap bye.

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