Fibro and BPD

Does anyone have this mix ? I am either in pain or mentally ill :( ...

Also I seem to have pain constantly but not too bad for two weeks or so then a flare up for two weeks. I am unsure what kind/type I have, anyone know ? I am on lots of medication for both illnesses mainly Tramadol slow release 150mg morning then again at night. Plus 4 50mg to be taken during the day as and when needed. And other meds cant mind what they are called. I sleep 2 ish hours then up for 2 then asleep etc. During the night I am up longer. I know this is coming across as giberish but I cant think straight most of the time.

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  • Hi Tishie, yes I have BPD and fibro. I know what you mean, horrible frustrating combination. I often wonder which illness causes me more pain. So far I've not had any real treatment for the BPD but I keep hearing that DBT can be successful for it.

  • Hey hun I have both too I did DBT about 7 years ago. It is good yes I suppose but in the end I found its just learning how to think differently, rewiring your brain as they say. It helped me in some ways. It's definatly not a 'fix' though x

  • Doesnt sound like mental illness

    just other different symptoms,

    Wouldn't it be nice if we all had

    a definate diagnosis?? Hang in

    there. I often have a couple of

    good weeks then a flare. X

  • Hi

    Sorry you are stuck in a cycle of feeling good then bad.

    I wonder whether a good move might be to list down all the meds you are taking and the amounts then google to find out what they are, what they are for and whether the doses you are on for each med are high/low etc. If you haven't already done so I would also google BPD and Fibromyalgia each separately so you can begin to understand them better as being informed will be the first move towards gaining more control over your symptoms and treatments.

    The second thing I would do is to join the local support groups for both health problems. Having the experiences and support of other people who have similar diagnoses will give you a network of people who understand where you are coming from and that in itself can be helpful.

    After doing both of those I would start to look at WHY YOU may have developed each of the problems - BPD and Fibro - what you think may be the possible cause of each of your particular problems and make a history of their development, like a timeline. It may seem as if thinking about the past is no help but understanding why you have particular health problems can be a very powerful way of enabling you to gain an understanding of yourself and the way you and your body have learned to cope as a result of your experiences, and knowing that will enable you to begin to understand what triggers your relapses. It will also give you a clear picture with which you can talk to health professionals involve din your care and for people with BPD that is an important first move.

    From my expeirence Fibro and also BPD are different for different people. For some people fibro mainly causes pain whereas for others exhaustion is the main issue. BPD is generally though not always associated with a history of abuse and very often people with the diagnosis struggle to maintain relationships on an even keel, to keep them from going from extreme dependance and positive feelings to extreme negativity with feelings of frustration and anger in response to seemingly everyday occurrences. As a result many people with BPD lack the kind of relationships that offer the sensitive support and care they need and the lack puts them under increased stress which triggers fibro symptoms all too easily. Understanding your history, symptom development and factors that triggers stress for you will enable you to begin to understand your needs and communicate them with health professionals in ways that ensure you are given the correct balance of meds and emotional support. For example, it may be that your meds aimed at pain relief do not take account of the effects for you of emotional stress and that meds aimed at the symptoms of BPD do not take account of your level of physical pain and also your lack of emotional support. I would question whether meds are an appropriate treatment for BPD and suggest you would be better helped with forms of talking therapy aimed specifically at people with BPD diagnoses, perhaps with a reducing dose of meds. I have worked with people with the diagnoses and found that given time they can be helped to overcome many of their problems but that enabling them to believe they can be helped and to gain access to the correct treatment are hurdles to be overcome. I agree with the suggestion that DBT can be a successful treatment for BPD and would suggest that if you want to be considered for therapy for your symptoms of BPD you ask your GP to refer you to the psychotherapy service with a view to specialist treatment, then allow that service to decide which particular therapy might be most appropriate for you. Approaching your two very different health problems in such a structured way will enhance your ability to cope better with your own symptoms.

    Love and hugs,


  • Yes tishie I'm like u where do u live cos I wanna meet someone with fibro that I can talk to

  • It may be inappropriate to suggest meeting someone you have had no real contact with!!

  • Hello secondhandrose2 ok I know it is just want help with fibro

  • Hi Manu2015 :)

    Have you considered joining a local Fibro Support Group to meet fellow fibromites that live near you? Support Groups can be very useful for meeting people and also for information regarding Fibro and local facilities for where to get fibro help.

    They often have fundraisers or guest speakers too :)

    We try not to give personal information out on the main forum board for internet safety and security reasons and generally advise members to swap info via the private messaging service instead.

    Remember there is always someone just around the corner here too to offer advise or a chat or even just to offer a hug for support :)

    Fluffies and smiles

    sian :)

  • Hello zeb73 I do want to join a support group near me to meet others with fibro I've left a message with my doc to ring me bk later so I can ask him about it matthew

  • Hello zeb73 how do I send a private message on here

  • on the green bar at the top you will see your avatar and profile name click on your name :)

    A menu will drop down, click on messages :)

    There is a big red button that says compose/write.

    Hope this helps.

  • Me too I suffer with both x

  • Everything from secondhandrose, great advice. There is life beyond BPD, I promise.

    Sending gentle hugs. Tulip xx

  • I understand where u are coming from as regards to not thinking straight as i suffer the same. Times im in good form mentally and times i feel like crying also. Read up fibromyalgia on nhs choices site its all part of the problem. So dont worry you are not on your own with this one tishie. Trying to be helpful MARTY

  • Hello itsme2025 I'm the same my fibro can be really bad and also gd times are u on any tablets or painkillers for it matthew

  • Matthew how are you im on 3x300mg of gabapentin take this dose 3 times daily and if neede for back up i have 8/500 mg cocodamol

  • I hope I have done this right and am replying in the right area ... Sue thank you it must of taken you ages to of wrote so much fantastic information ! Thank you to everyone for trying to help or just reading and sympathising xxx. I have just had a visit from my CPN and she is trying to help me with both illnesses to the best of her resources will let her. Watch this space lol.

  • As for where I live its in the Highlands where help groups for Fibro are non existant however I can go to one for BPD but its a pretty intense group with people taking over due to the type of mental illness it is. I found it a waste of my time.

  • Hello Tishiae. I have fibro to at times I will be like you. I never know what will be next. I am not sure on how you sleep. At times I can be up all night then go to sleep at 3:00 am or 4:00 am. Last few nights I have been going to bed earlier and be able to get up at 6:00 am and stay up until 10:00 pm up to 12:00 am. I have been taking a pill seems to be helping me. Since I have been taken it I have not been in much pain. What I am taken is (Tizanidine 2mg) every 8 hours as needed. I take them twice a day and it is working for me.


    Mary McDonald

  • Hi tishie, something else add to your work up - if not already done - is full thyroid panel including autoantibody tests. It may not be a part of your medical picture but thyroid hormone issues and BPD can go together as well as fb and hypothyroidism or thyroid tissue resistance. You are not mad....there just is not the research and resources for these complex issues. Diet is hugely important too. Good luck x

  • I know excactly how you feel i also have fibro n BPD.. Its bad n hard enough with the one let alone both :( im batterling with docs, psychs etc to get meds etc. Your the first ive seen to have both illnesses. Ive had DBT (6mnths) but i feel i wud ave benifited a lot more if i wasnt having to battle the fibro too :( , been on all sorts of antidepressents/antipsychotics/pain killers n they ethier dnt do much or they help but cant deal with the side effects. Ive just started on a new anti depressent a wk ago so hopefully it may help??

    But my heart goes out to you cuz batterling both a physical n mental illness is no fun at all!!

  • bpd .... Hugs hun as I know your pain and frustration xxxx

  • Hi, I have Fibro severely & was diagnosed with mild bipolar, this year it has been very bad though. I'm convinced the reason we have pain due to hormones & pain transmitters not working properly. I've had fibromyalgia for 21 years & although diagnosed with mild bipolar, often have depression, but believe I wouldn't

    Have it, if I didn't have the Fibro. Have you been diagnosed with Fibro or M.E etc does the pain & depression stop you working, socialising. If it does it would be worth going to your GP.

    If I can help you with anything please don't hesitate to contact me at;

    Take care


  • My life is practically non exsistant I am now in the process of applying for SDS payments to help me to try and regain a life. My Fibro is also severe so is my BPD. I have many people rather outside agencies trying to help but I am getting to the point of having had enough ! I am not suicidal (yet) just plain fed up with it all. I have a CPN and a shrink I see regularly and GP is aware of everything going on. I cant receive anymore help and they are all being great. Its just they do not actually understand !!!!!

  • Morning when did you last chat with your GP about your meds? It may be that they are not suiting your body. It may be worth trying something else . If you are permenantly foggy make an appointment go chat with the man . :)

  • Where I am its the shrink I need to talk to and I am due an appt to talk about things with him, meds is one of the main things I am going to mention :) ...

  • Before you go to your appointment make a daily diary of how you feel how the pain levels are affexting you. What you feel you meds are doing even what you eat.

    Your "Shrink " or doc will find it helpful as it will biuild a good picture of you . :)

    x ginsing

  • Thankfully I am doing this with the CPN who works directly under him. Its just so damn complicated !!!!

  • Hey hun I have both yeah. Anxiety disorder, ocd IBS on top. It really is a living hell always being physically ill mentally ill or both! Hugs hun

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