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Fibro specialists in Scotland - are there any?


I live in Aberdeen and am quite disappointed by my treatment so far. Willing to pay to go private but don't know where to go! Anyone know any specialists (in fibro or pain or rheumatology?) in Scotland who take private patients?



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There are none listed on the fibroaction list by the way

Hi Apple,

No we don't have any listed. I have searched online and found that there had been some conferences in Glasgow and Edinburgh about fibro, so obviously doctors in the North are conscious of these issues.

Maybe you would like to contact the Depts of Rheumatology at Edinburgh and GRI, and ask if any of their consultants have an interest in Fibro, then you could ask your GP for a referral.

Moffy x


Yeah, good idea! Thanks

Dr mattison at Douglas grant rehab centre , at Ayrshire central hospital, he is main man for M.E, fibro and M.S in Ayrshire, sorry, that's probably a bit far for you tho x

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Yes bit far but thanks anyway. Nice to hear there is someone good somewhere!

Dear bluebird123

I asked to go back to the pain clinic. I live in Troon. Is Dr Mattison part of the pain clinic at Ayr hospital or is he separate? Thank you x

Hiya .. I was diagnosed by a Rheumatologist consultant in Edinburgh 8 years ago... I saw him at the private BUPA hospital in Costorphine and paid to see him privately (sorry I can't remember his name... in fact he was so rude to me that I probably wanted to forget him immediately!!) He refused to use the term fibromyalgia, but called "it" Pain amplification disorder after pressing my "tender points" and his only advice was"go out and get a life or you will end up in a wheelchair!!!" So if you see someone in Edinburgh... please check them out first.

I know live in Aberdeenshire ... I just manage my own symptoms by "pacing" and work part time... so I don't know of any specialists in Aberdeen. However there is a Support group in Aberdeen .. you will find details of their contact on and they may be able to advise you on hospitals/ doctors in the area. Hope this is of some help to you. Take care xxx :)

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Ugh! Sounds awful! I found the Rheumatology consultant in Aberdeen similarly rude but in a less specific way. He just didn't seem to be bothered about my pain and asked me if I had an 'agenda'. How do these people get away with being so rude!?

Yeah, I know what you mean about managing your own symptoms. I realised a while ago that I had to take control of it because no one else was going to help me. My one concern is to get a final, formal diagnosis. Three GPs have said they think it is fibromyalgia but won't put pen to paper and say that for sure. Bugs me when they write either 'joint pain' or 'fibromyalgia-like' flare up. Is is or is it not fibro?! I think it is but somehow I just want to know it for sure. Maybe too much to ask.

Have been going to the local support group and am on facebook with them. Thanks. Have heard mixed results from Aberdeen Rheumatology and since my own experience was bad I'm not keen to go back there!


hi yes i did the same cant remember his name but ill ask my friend as hse saw him on the nhs . it was mc something oh my brain . he was not a man with any social grace . he said fibro was just muscle pain did not describe the actual condition we present with . i went as mydoc thought i had lupus he rudely said well get tht out your head you have not got lupus . .waste of money got a diagnosise from nhs ruemy as having finbromyalgia .

just seen another post yes mccrorie rude man

Hi Win.. so pleased to hear that you are being strong and have learnt to take control and manage your symptoms. I did try amitriptyline for a while but then realized that the medical profession do not really have any idea what fibromyalgia is like to live with on a day-to-day basis and have few ideas on how to treat us.. so decided to take matters into my own hands and learn how to live with it!!! The hardest part I find is my family... They can't understand why I can't always do the things I used to do when I still look exactly the same on the outside. I have "educated" myself on how to live with it.... I have also just joined the Aberdeen group on Facebook... it comforts me to know that others nearby can understand me... keep strong.... it sounds like you are coping well. Xx

I have seen a dr mcrorie in the royal infirmary, edinburgh and found him to be very rude. I think he is the head of rheumatology there, my gp has been great with me so im so glad to have him on my side. Its a shame there are not a lot of specialists in scotland i find it strange .

yes very rude man with no social skills whatsover

Hi apple I'm under pain clinic at woolmanhill and I was under a dr London but she retired she was so supportive I've to wait another year for new specialist I tried to go private but costs far too much I wanted to try a doctor in london but just not ment to be its a shame that Aberdeen doesn't have alot to offer in this yes got pain clinc but what happens when your in a battle and nothing controls the pain we don't have that help you land up accused of wanting drugs and just at it when in uncontrollable pain spoken to like your worthless in my town peterhead I can't go to my GP no support what's so ever in peterhead I'm suffering in silence at home by myself having to knock myself out quite alot try and wait for new specialist and get carer next year what's your experience of support and understanding gentle hugs my poor mum can't believe how badly treated I am and I know others going through same in town 4 cases here but I hear many in Aberdeen x

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Oh dear! Poor you. Yes, it's really hard finding someone you can trust with treatment round here. It's a shame they don't realise that the more the medical professionals stress us out the worse it gets!!! Generally I'm managing OK but while I was off sick from work I had a whole lot of hassle getting help from GP. I wrote a huge long letter complaining to GP surgery. Not sure it makes any difference. Honestly they stress me out so much that I really would prefer to avoid them, it's just that sometimes I have to see them to get painkillers. I am seeing GP tomorrow at 9.20am. Fingers crossed. I have seen about nine different docs in my surgery, often not out of choice. THey're just too busy or they're ill or there is a sub on for some other reason. I hate it coz you have to start from scratch explaining yourself all over again. I now have 2 doctors in the surgery that I think I like and trust. If I could say I trust them 100% that would help a whole lot but I can't... Feel GPs are too quick to label as depressed hypochondriac (can't spell!). I am not depressed and not a hypochondriac. I just hurt all over! I get a lot of support from my family and my church AND my work but I have reduced my hours down to just 8 per week coz of fibro. I have two young kids and that's enough for me right now.

I will post if I find any good specialists in Abdn. Not hopeful though.

Local fibro group seems quite good. I am in it but have a couple of close friends with fibro so probably rely on them most.

Keep strong x

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Thank you very much Hun for writing back yes seems theirs a huge stigma attached to this I tried to join the fibro group got all the info was like happy I found a group once a month but sadly the lady turned me down about going along she told me over the phone not suitable for this group as got far too much stuff wrong with me I was gutted but just never called again just wasn't ment to be I don't have any children can't have due to other health reasons but I'm an auntie to 3 adorable kids thanks to my brother so its the next best thing to being mummy my mum is my rock she's amazing helps me fight these awful GPs I'm so grateful of her support in all my health problems I have some true friends that have stuck by me but other friends disowned me through all my bad health these are friends I grew up with too just goes to show friends you meet short term can land up being ur best friends It's great u have some friends you know have fibro I bet they understand and get you I don't have any like that but grateful of the pals who have stuck through all these changes I'm glad I came across this site you all seem very warm caring loving ppl gentle hugs x

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