hi, my pain management doctor wants me to try buprenorphine. have been on fentanyl patch for years. pain has gotten worse in last few years plus have neck and lower back problems. i know he's trying his best to help but research on line seems to make me think twice about this med. has anyone taken it? if so, what form and how beneficial has it been? also, side effects? thanks much...

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  • Yes I went on the Butran patches but only at the lowest dose at the suggestion of the Pain Clinic. To be quite honest apart from the convenience of not having to take yet another tablet it did not give me any more extra pain relief to the DHC Continus tablets that I was already on bit did not give me any side effects after the first few days. Unfortunately I started to get a great deal of soreness and itching around the patxh site and the clinic thought this was an allergy to the adhesive and as it was getting worse I stopped them.

    Of course as I said I was on the lowest dose as my Gp had just been on a course and he is not keen on any morphine based painkillers for fibro but if course he isn't suffering the pain!!!

    I know there are quite a few people in here who take the drug so I hope they can come up with more detailed answer to your question. X

  • thanks much

  • Hi, I take buprenorphine 400 MCG 4 times a day they dissolve under your tongue, I've tried nearly every painkiller going but this works fantastic for me. I highly recommend it, for acute and severe pain. Happy days.

  • ld31 For about 3 months I was on Butrans patches which have the same ingredient. Unfortunately I was allergic to the adhesive and it would become ulcerated around the patch. It was suggested by my Pain Management Clinic but my GP wasn't keen and I think as glad when it didn't suit😏.

    When he retired a young GP took over who had just been on a 2 week drug dependency course and he didn't believe in any medicines that had a morphine derivatives in them for fibro so wouldn't prescribe. Now I have moved my new GP is of the same mind. I was on the 10mg patch which were the lower dose it was nice not to be popping another tablet but my pain unfortunately was only marginally helped.

    To be honest some days when having a flare I would happily risk anything if it would help. I do have osteo arthritis with others things and it is difficult some days to distinguish which is causing what pain. Thank you for posting as we can all learn so much from each other.x

  • I started on the Buprenorphine, but I cant remember why it stopped. Recommend the Matrifen as no side effects, but I do regularly take a small break otherwise they become less and less effective. Good luck either way! Tulip :) xx

  • thanks much...

  • I have not tried this myself but I wanted to genuinely wish you all the best of luck with your pain relief.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • What I would be really careful is doses. From what I remember fentanyl has a higher level of opiate than bupernorphine. They are both opioid based though.

    If you do a search for converting fentanyl to bupernorphine you should find the comparable dose. When switching over they should start you slightly under your present level and not down at the bottom which some GPs try to do. Also you will have a few days where you adjust from one medication to the next.

    We do become used to one medication which is why they need to be swapped over sometimes, but it is really important that we have some knowledge as you can't guarantee that the GP will. I spent a miserable few weeks when mine swapped me from 120mg mst to 20mg bupernorphine , basically I was having withdrawal never mind the massive difference in pain killing levels.

  • thanks for the info. it was really helpful...

  • I am on them I was on 5mg but now on 10mg but on lots of pain relief too they was good at fist but some times I have to go with out for a week cos it makes me sore and can not stop scratching it but it helps x good luck

  • thanks for the info. were you on a different pain patch or pill prior to the bup.? do you know if it is possible to take additional pain medication for breakthrough pain or is that impossible?

  • No I was not on any other patches I am on gabbpentin paracetamol co diedmol if that's how it is spelt as well as my patches if this helps x

  • yes, leslye61 it was helpful. thanks much.

  • Hi nadine let us know how you go on with them if you have them x

  • thank you, lesley. i will be seeing my pain management dr. in three weeks when i'm guessing he will want to make the switch of meds. am concerned about potential for withdrawal so hope my doctor has done his homework which he assured me he would. he knows i'm not in the best shape so won't do anything that could cause serious reaction. (ps.-my name is leslie. interesting that you spell your name with an ey and i use the ie. think my mother was hoping for a boy since i've been told the leslie spelling is usually for boys/men?)

  • Hi, I've just started on the patches and tbh I think they're working fine, I'm on codeine, gabapentin and now 35mcg/per hour patches, and apart from a bit of itching there's no other effects . I don't sleep very well (approx 2-3hours a night) but that's been the pattern for about 5 years now . Good luck with it

  • Hi. My dr is starting me on them Friday. I am in extreme pain. I have neuropathy and my hands are screaming in pain. Been through a lot and the past week, haven't stopped crying. I can't take it. My dr FINALLY is giving me something. Never heard of them but I will try anything! It's 5 mcg. I hope this works. Keep me posted. Wishing you the very best luck with them. What condition do you have? Good luck!

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