This may be a bit weird but does any else get unexplained bruises on their legs just wake with them or notice they just appear from no were . As I've noticed I've been getting a lot of bruises on my legs some of them I know I've knocked my leg on somthing but others I don't know how they got there . I noticed last night I had a small one on the inside of my left leg I showed my daughter as we were getting ready to go out for the evening but today I've noticed it's got bigger and has a funny look to it . Does anyone else get this . Is this another symptom of the fibro or RLS or could this be somthing else going in ?

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  • Hi

    I to have had the same don't know where they came from,I know I am a bit unstable on feet , but I would know if I had banged my leg.

    I had a really horrible one, when I mentioned it to doctor,she didn't even look just said take more water with it next time.

    So sorry although I have the same don't know if it's a fibro thing.

    Trace x

  • Thank you . I'm afraid if I see my dr they might say the same and you just cant explain how they've got there but some.of them are not just small things they can be quite big .

  • All the time, it's just another one of the "joys" of Gavin fibro. 😕

  • This is a question which has cropped up many times and it does seem to be common amongst fibro sufferers, just another joy to add to all the rest.

    I have a clotting disorder similar to haemophilia and bruise so easily and bleed for GB, but I still think there are definite links with bruising and Fibro sadly.

    Wishing you the very best

    Foggy x

  • i use to have a clotting disorder too and bruising is a classic warning sign x

  • me toooooooooo and I get them on the inner part of my arms to sick of going the docs so just put up with them

  • Me three....... Get some crackers in strange places. If you get enough you can play join the dots ha ha 🐸

  • Hi

    As Foggy said this has cropped up many a time over the years.

    I currently have 10 bruises just on my legs. I know I haven't crashed into something because the pain it would have caused me would be pretty bad.

    I personally think it's another thing to chalk up to dear old Fibro.

    Lu x

  • Me too...... big time!!! So.... it's settled..... This is another 'fibro thing'!! :)

  • Yes my husband thought I had lupus. But I don't have any of the other signs, I do work with children so not sure if that's the cause of my bruises

  • Yes wearing the same T shirt as they say. OH and I were only discussing this the other day we wondered whether it was because we are getting older or whether because both of us are on some quite powerful meds that it has somethng to do with it.

    The other day I slipped (pain unbalanced me) in my tiny veg patch and a stake went right into a delicat booby area and I could have passed out with the pain. Well you guessed genuine injury hardly a bruise but like you can have quite a large bruise or a cluster and I know I haven't knocked into anything.x

  • Have your blood tested at the GP's x

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that you have experienced this issue, and I have to admit that I also get this problem quite a lot. I am presuming it is Fibro related but to my shame I have never been to have it checked out and i really should!

    I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Bruising easily is something I've noticed happens when my vitamin c levels are low - it's needed for blood vessels. When I take vitamin c my bruises reduce significantly. Vit c is not something the body can produce to store so we need it through diet or supplementation.

  • I was only talking to my mum about my bruises yesterday, real dark blue ones. I've even got one on my belly. I've recently had a blood test that was all fine so must be a fibro or meds thing.

  • Me too!

    My girlfriend says I might of knocked myself, but I would really know about it, as just touching certain areas with my finger causes agony.

    I have four at the moment on my right leg, having a bath yesterday I spotted a few others.

    I don't want to bother the doctor with it, because they will just give me the old "It is just your fibro" nonsense.

  • I have always bruised easily and I'm usually covered in bruises that I can't explain.

    Unfortunately I have an inner ear problem too, so I lose my balance very easily which means I have many other bruises that I can explain! Don't know if it's just fibro, but I'm sure fibro makes it worse.

    All the best,


  • hi I use to suffer from pulomony embolisms which is blood clotting disorder and having unexplained bruises is a common sign of blood clots .id get checked doll because they are serious and can kill if not discovered early .

    just before xmas last year my ex lost his brother to blood clots in his leg .

  • Thank you next time I see my GP 8ll mention it

  • All the time, although sometimes worse than others. I had a raft of blood tests a while back to check there wasn't anything nasty going on (being tested for leukaemia was a particular high spot!!). Luckily all clear but my GP did mention that while I have sufficient platelets, they don't appear to work quite the way they should and she thought that was at the root of the problem. She seemed pretty unconcerned so I've learned to just view it as one of the many joys of the fibro/arthritis combo. I'd recommend you get things checked out though if you haven't already just to be safe.

  • Thank you I will mention it next time I see my GP

  • Yes, non-injury bruising is part of Fibro. I wondered about it for quite a while & my family doctor didn't know what to think of it. When she sent me to see a Rheumy, one of the first questions she asked me was if I bruise easily & without injury. She told me it was part of the Fibro. I was so glad to know what was going on because I get bruises from my neck down to my feet all the time, my legs always have bruises.

  • Thank you I'm new to all this I was dignoses about 3 months ago all theses symptoms that fibro throws at us I've had for years but didn't know I had fibro now I relise whay it is nice to know that I'm not alone and that we all support one another on hear thanks for your advice it's always helpful x

  • Could be a side effect of pain meds.

    I've got eds/hms which can cause brusing.

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