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Leg's either won't move, or jerk about!

Hi ,

I am waiting to see a Rheumatologist to see if I have Reactive/Rheumatoid arthritis or Fibromyalgia. I have many of the overlapping symptoms from all 3 conditions, but one symptom I have which I cannot find an explanation for is my legs refusing to move. When overtired last week, my legs just stopped working, they didn't go numb as such as I knew they were there, they didn't go weak as I was stood at the time - they just failed to work. I was screaming at them in my head to move but they just wouldn't - this happened 4/5 times for 2/3 minutes each time. After sleep they were fine, but now when I get over tired my legs and hips start jerking about all over the place. I have had restless legs at night for about 4 years - but this is a whole new level - while awake! Has anybody else experienced this lack of leg movement and change between not moving/jerking when tired?

Many Thanks :)


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Hi there Jo, it may end up that you find you have a combination as I know of many people with Fibro who do suffer to with RA too, it's not uncommon ! I'm not saying that to frighten you, far from it, we are here to support you whatever diagnosis you get.

I think you will find this one of he very best and supportive sites for fibro, with lots of people able to offer very good advice and support, together with having some fun, to take our minds off what we are going through.

If you have a look over in the posts section you will see that we are having a "virtual trip to the Tower of London on Friday ( not real, but having great fun ) please feel free to join in the fun.

There is plenty of information from FibroAction to help you, if you click on the butterfly and FibroAction Logo at the top right of the page it will lead you to lots of useful information,

I look forward to getting to know you more and welcome to our site :-)

Foggy x


Hi Jo, I have similar times of lack of movement - sometimes mid-step. It's like the "move" message gets delayed, I have to wait 'til it does.

It's always advisable to mention new happening to your gp & rheumy.

I have cross-over of several conditions.


I am betting that the rheumatologist will refer you to a neurologist. =)

Sooner than later is better. Good luck in your coming appointments.

I share the same name of the disease but I don't have the symptoms

anymore..everyone's right that disease never comes to the party alone..

lots of other conditions can tag along with it.. I am also very new to the site

and feel very doubtful that the fibro diagnosis is correct.. My exam produced one

"Ouch" the kind of ouch that makes you slap hands away from your body..sends

you forward to escape the pain..several other spots were "touchy" but not

very painful.. I had very little complaints when I routinely visited my Rheumy

for RA.. Welcome to this forum. =) xx Karen


Hiya I suffer with this jurking thing. I have been put on a parkinsons medication. I am in terrible pain today my joints muscles even my boobs are sore, whatever their made of!

I tried holding my legs still and it made itworse Its my whole body that jumps arround. Its like that jump you sometimes do when dropping off to sleep but constantly. (((Hugs))))


hi there my leg does not work anymore i have to use crutches and dragged my leg behind me its so embarrasing 3 months its been like this x also has anyone ever had the same trouble swallowing i have to concentrate sometimes to swallow or i cant , its not all the time but its really weird it is as if my brains forgotten what to do xx


you are not alone and I have been passed from pillar to post with it had no mri's either but my arm and hand are affected too. I also find swallowing tablets difficult. I find eating something first helps to make it easier to swallow tablets.

I have days where both legs are affected and cannot walk far and have a wheelchair and two sticks as my shoulders cannot bear the pressure of crutches :(

:) xxxzebxxx :) I also have crossovers of conditions :o


yes it does sound very similar, somedays i struggle to use my crutches as my collarbones and shoulders hurt so i only move to go the the toilet and back. I hate those days. I just want to see the consultant and get the ball rolling if there is no cure at least i would know,its the not knowing which kills me xx


I have not had the chance to tell a specialist no :(.The thing is my doctor referred me with my back condition and my leg to orthopaedic s but when I got there he had no notes on me and none of my mri scans or xrays he examined me then said he would give me a call in a few days but after four weeks if me chasing him up j got a letter saying he could not find anything that required surgery so he's passed me onto the neurologists.Now I have been waiting a further three weeks for an appointment.It might sound silly but the more I've had to lie about the more I'm realising that there's a lot more to it like the pains in other areas, the swallowing is a big thing it happens with liquid to I have to physically sit and concentrate on it. I'm scared and in so much pain everything is either not working or freezing such as my fingers I just wish the appointment would hurry I have been out once in 5 months to my daughters 21st and I had to drag my leg behind me with the crutches.I feel like I have lost who I was I used to be so bubbly and happy even though I was in agony with my scoliosis but now all this its just too much for me to handle xxxxxxx


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