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All over my body I have unexplained bruises, large and small. The cramp like pains I can't explain what that was on my right calf but when I looked a few days later I noticed a really big bruise and I just dont know where it came from. Ever since I can remember I have been clumbsy my dr said I have dyspraxia,but I read that fybromyalgia, just wasnted to see if anybodt else gets the same thing happening to them?

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Hi there

Yes I do find that I have many bruises at any one time.

For most of them I don't remember banging into anything.

Have you spoken to your GP specifically about the bruising? If so did s/he do any blood tests?

Wishing you less pain and more peace

Lu x


Hi, Yes I do get a lot of bruises and half the time can't remember getting them. Except the one I managed to get last night whacking the side of my knee on the corner of the bed frame. Won't forget that in a hurry!

I find my balance is affected by the Fibro and from what I read it is a symptom many suffer. If you have Dyspraxia as well it will probably make you bump into stuff. My daughter has dyspraxia so the two of us are always bouncing off things and covered in bruises!

If you haven't had bloods done I would suggest it as a precaution though. You never know you could be anaemic.

Arnica gel is pretty good for bruises.

Annette 🙂


Hi there, I would suggest you tell your doctor about all the bruising and let him/she take a look. I think many people find bruises here and there and have no idea where they came from.

But if your getting a large amount of unexplained bruising then it really needs your doc to know about and maybe get a blood test done. That type of excessive bruising is not fibro related but could be blood related and needs checking. Please speak to your doctor to make sure it is nothing more than bumps and bangs you can't remember doing. xx



I used to!! I was having steroid injections to get my pain under control and I noticed clusters of bruises appearing, my g.p told me my blood texture was changing under steroids and that this was normal BUT you must show him any large areas that appear if you know you didn,t bang yourself. I just couldn,t coordinate the size of a door frame somedays, mine are big enough for a wheelchair to pass thru but I still have moments of wobbly walking and bangs.

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I don't know if you take pain meds but I was told they can cause you to lose more electrolytes etc.. than causes unexplained bruising.I have this issue as well.Take care.Peck🐤

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I have a doctors appointment on the16th august so I will be telling her of of the issues I am worried about, the bruising for 1 and the other is the amount of pain I am in and that all the pain medication that I'm on tramadol being the last one she gave me, and still they are not strong enough, every night I am in tears with the pain I just don't know what to do, a few people on here have suggested asking my dr for oramorph or morphene, which I think I will be suggesting to her, and I am going to ring the dwp to ask for a pip form as the last time I was refused.alot of thimgs have changed since then, the pain has got worse, and it is from top to bottom. I find it hard to open cans, jats, alot of househould things that many people take for granted, I have started driving my sons car which is automatic as I am finding it easier to drive than my car which has gears, so I will have to just wait for the form and fill it in and get evidence from my doctor or a letter.

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Hi newportrita

I have bruising on my body but because of a totally different medical condition. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your doctors appointment as you need to get this looked at just to rule other medical conditions out of the equation.

I have pasted you a link below from the NHS Choices cache on bruising:

It is always worth discussing medication for pain relief with your GP but please remember that many are driven by the directive of addiction when it comes to strong opiates etc. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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