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After being on medication for many years for my lower back, I decided its time for a change today, Holland &Barrett, got myself some Omega 7capsils in place of Naproxin, so fed up feeling I have been pulled through the mill, so here goes ,if this makes my inflammation go down, settle, so here goes peeps, looking forward to some change. As I'm in a chronic condition.. Xx

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  • Good luck I stopped taking my meds I must say I do feel better still have pain and very tired maybe I will take a trip to holland and Barrett xx

  • Siren. These capsule I just started the , capsule have sea buckthorn , I can only hope, I'm aso thinking off stopping my anti depressant s an taking a tablet called 58TP, this is for anxiety, tablets are expnsive ,but I'm going to try,..

    I worry about what my prescribed meds are doing to my gut, really wording, ..hey thanks and good luck. Xxx

  • Please keep us updated on your progress hope all goes well when I stopped my meds a lot of people said to speak to my doctor and it was good advice xx

  • Good luck with using otc health products, I commend you for this. Over many years I have tried some homeopathic and herbal remedies with varying degrees of success and I wish you well.

    I really hope you don't mind if I add just a few of words of caution;

    β€’ Ensure what you are buying is certified correctly. From my understanding there is no legal requirement for herbals atm (which some manufactures can & I believe do- take advantage of). There was a tv programme recently which highlighted this.

    β€’ It is best to withdraw from your prescribed medication under supervision programme and the awareness of your prescriber ie GP?!

    β€’ Don't forget winter will be popping up soon. I know my pain increases in the cold, also I know the darker days have a physiological effect on me.

    For my own point of view I would look to do my medication experiment as the days were getting warmer rather than cooler.

    I really do hope you don't think I'm being rude-hopefully helpful and maybe thinking of things you may or may not have considered at the moment, especially if you are experiencing and dealing with a flare up at the moment.

    Best wishes Pea 🌻

  • I agree with the season/weather..... I am always worse in the cold of winter.... for me wouldn't be a time to get a true ideas of 'changes' of protocol.

  • Hey I totally agee CA's, this summer has been terrible, the cold bites into me, shall take your advice thanks ,,Hugs. Xx

  • Thanks peapot, I will try anything ,weather here in Scotland is not much to be desired,

    I will talk to my GP, I will keep a close eye on what I'm buying ,certified correct ly. Thanks Peapot, take care,,xx

  • Peatop great responce well explained. You are quite right in giving up pain killers it is important that you work with you doctor as somethings generate unpleasent side effects that applies to prescribed or home remedys .

    Please stay safe check before carrying on!

    Note we do not advertise where purchase items we must not advertise in this way.

  • Hi Fibromepainless,

    I completely understand your wish to go over to natural remedies, though alarm bells rang in my head when you said you were stopping them all at once in favour of the other tablets. It can be very dangerous to come off prescription drugs like naproxen, so could I suggest that maybe over the weekend do take maybe just a couple of the naproxen and take the Omega 7 capsules as well and then make an appointment to discuss this with your GP as soon as you can next week. 5HTP is a good supplement as it encourages the production of serotonin but again it may be better taken in conjunction with the medication you are on, though I completely understand you wanting to come off all medication.

    Coming off strong painkillers can result in things like having fits, and other very unpleasant sensations, so I really do urge you to do this in a planned way with your GP's approval.

    Sending lots of positive healing vibes your way πŸ˜ƒ

    Foggy x

  • agree

  • Thanks Foggy

    Your advice I s kindly welcomed, I have an appointment GP, get his advice ,think I could be rushing this.. Thank you again, Hugs xx

  • Oh I'm so pleased Fibromepainless that you've made an apt to see your GP, it really is the safest way forward and even if he doesn't agree with your desire to go with alternative medicine it is his duty to help you come off your medication safely, but I would ask that if he is very anti it, that you listen to his reasoning, sometimes there are very good reasons for not dropping all mess. I sadly had a friend with breast cancer and was determined to go down the homeopathic route and sadly didn't last very long at all. That having been said supplements like the Omega fish oils etc that can be used in conjunction with your mess I would say are a tremendously good idea ! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

    Wishing you the very best and gentle hugs πŸ˜€

    Foggy x

    Ps do let us know how you get on please 😊 x

  • Good advice with the withdrawing of pain meds. I'd just like to add that 5HTP is contra-indicated with anti-depressants so if you really want to come off those you should do it slowly THEN start on the 5HTP.

  • Mrs Darling I will follow your advice, it is warmly welcomd, thank you ... Hugs xx

  • Also, consider getting a SAD lamp for the dark days. I used to use a desktop one at work and did notice an improvement in mood.

  • That sounds a good idea, I might try that ,,thanks. Xx

  • I've had friends who this has worked very well for πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Š

  • I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your new herbal medications. But please check everything out with your GP just to make sure everything is okay. Sometimes we can get withdrawal symptoms from just stopping medication and this can be worse than the Fibro itself depending on how bad your Fibro is?

    Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Well done you..I have done it ages ago..fed up with the side effect of the drugs but make sure check with your gps though, I go to my local health shop (A small version of Holland & Barrett and cheaper) I always buy magnesium oil, selenium and omega oil ..after taking it for 3 months I can feel the different..but not every one have the same effect..alas NHS won't reimburse it..

  • Thanks B2WC, That's great that your having improvement, Here,s hoping, I am taking the omega 7 today an yesterday, I'm support to take two a day, I'm not only one till I have consulted GP, I need to find out if they are fine with prescribed drugs I take,.

    In our town yesterday I didn't feel great as per usual, but this was a good one, as I could walk, I , usually its a task even getting up, I did it and felt really really light headed, , the strain off this condition I can only say I'm sick off feeling like, shall I say " Crap " so took my first capsule yesterday and the dull feeling disappeared, maybe placebo effect. Hugs .xx

  • Just dont give up.. sometime it take awhile for natral products to start kicking just remember our body also are able to heal

  • Thanks for your input,its good to talk to someone who,s positive, there are to many negative around, xx

  • Well Fibromepainless, negativity will bring you down as well as making you demoralise, that bring stress, that will effect your inflamation hence your FM getting worse..have you ever read or heard about Rhonda Bryne she wrote a book called the secret...if you have not read go the library borrow is very good to read..our life is reflecting..just like a mirror..if you think/act negative is just like a mirror the result will be the you have to keep being matter what..each day you have to thank GOD what ever it might be..always think there always some one worse off than you. But honestly try magnesium is really great..

  • From what I've read NSAIDS like Naproxen aren't used for Fibro pain are they? Inflammation is not a feature of Fibro? Guess I'm wondering for what condition then you've been taking the Naproxen and what made you decide Omega 7 would be a suitable alternative medicine for it? I see you will be seeing your GP to discuss so be interesting to see what they advise........keep us posted?

    All best.

  • Stompdok

    I havebeen on them for inflammation knees, ankles, back, I had lower chronic pain sixteen years,three slipped discs, had to just get on with it,

    Omega 7 will give me some healing properties, it has an antiinflammatory so here goes, also hundreds off other properties.

  • Oooh not nice ....and Fibro on top....hope you can find some relief......endless pain is incredibly draining, not to mention soul destroying. Take care of you.

  • I will be interested to see how you get on. I am also fed up with the side effects of my medication. I was given codeine in conjunction with anti depressants and Naproxen. I am certain there is something else to try. The codeine does make me feel sick a lot but it's the only relief I get. I love the idea of the SAD lamp. May well invest in one for the winter. The rainy weather and the end of August have brought a drop in mood, not to mention more pain,so I want to nip it in the bud before it sets in. Good luck and keep us updated x

  • thank you, xx

  • I myself have been thinking it would be a good idea to cleanse my system of drugs and try the herbal route where possible. So I have found this thread very interesting. I do intend speaking to my gp before I do anything. But the thought of starting after the winter and buying a SAD lamp are sensible ideas which would apply to me. I'll be interested to see how you get on Fibromepainless....

  • hi scot ,

    haven't been on for a while , im feeling slightly better with the herbal tablet, I believe I cant take tem full time, im on a break from the tablets as they are not to be taking all the time, having a wee break the now, feeling slightly better


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