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Today i am going to be positive i got up at 4,30 am and at 6 am started to watch Daybreak at it came on about some poor poor girl who was running the marathon for a charity the samaritans i believe she was doing this as she had lost her Brother to suicide a few years ago and i suppose he had used there services she was in her 20 's i believe ansd was in the last mile when she collapsed and subsequently died !!!!!!!!

That really hit me and i thought do you know WE ARE HERE........... WE ARE ALIVE...........

We really really must take stock of our lives and just try and i maen really try to do what we can when we can and try not to get too down and if we do jus tell your family and friends

those poor people have lost their daughter/sister/friend and that is awful


lots of love to you all Diddle x

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Hi Diddle.

I heard about this yesterday. You can't imagine how her family must be feeling, and loosing a son too.

As you say we are alive so we should celebrate that fact.

Happy FIBROMYAGIA POSITIVITY DAY to you too, and everyone else.

Hugs xxxxxx


your so right diddle i saw it on daybreak aswell ,


hugs to everyone xxxx


What a brilliant thought!!!!! sending you hugs onHAPPY FIBROMYALGIA POSITIVITY DAY !!!!!! Hope you have a good day xxxx :-)


Yes diddle a Fibromyalgia Posotive day is what we all need so sad about that young runner Even I had a cry about that so today Is Posotive day for us all !!!! have a good day all :-) ))))) Allan


Oh so puts life in to perspective. Was not having a very positive morning then read this and a couple of other blogs, i thought to myself "get up, dust your self off and get out there and face the world".

Did not see said programm but my heart goes out to that poor family, suicide in a family is exstreamly hard to cope with ( talking from first hand experience) now the tradgic death of their daughter so sad, poor people. X x

i agree fibromyalgia positivity day is needed, hugs to all lou x x


yes and the public have donated 30,000 to the samaritans since sunday . how wonderfull x


300,000 pounds not 30,how amazing x


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