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Head in a spin

Hiya guys

Just can't get it out of my head how can some one turn round and say no I am not interested if you make a mess of yourself and need help to have a shower. Only that you can sit on a loo and get of one that's all that matters. Don't seam right to me.

I am going to go see someone I am not going to wait for the decision this just should not happen in the first,place.

Not asking at all if you need help in the night that's one of the main questions. What help you have if any at home.

And I think being able to plan a journey on a computer has nothing to do with your mobility at all any one with a brain can do that .

And knowing how much change you should have what's that all about.

Something's not right here.

It's like I said to her nothing wrong with my brain unless I am having brain fog then I am lucky if I know what day it is.

Sorry not really interested in your medical reports there old.

What you suposed to do when you beening told can't do anything learn to live with it.

Are you still having physio no I can only have 6 session had them now go away.

Hum the more I think about this the mader I get.

Going to cause a stir at my M P . Me thinks never mind can't be bothered not to do something.

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hi their may i just say that in this world of ours there are a lot of me me me first and i'm alright jack its an old saying but that's how this world. if i see anyone don't can't who that person needs help if possible i will help to the best of my disablement hope this will make you feel a bit better kind regards bigalan x


Thank you for that I am the same but what has made me feel Evan worse is that I have worked all my life and I would have retired next year.

And here I am having to explain well I would if they let you. How I feel what happens.

They Evan said write a diray which I did for first time in my life and then say ho gone of the days we read assays.


Go to citizens advice and tell them you want to make a complaint against that PIP assessor 👍


Going to do something our mp I'd a good guy as well .

No matter what the out come I would hate for some one else to go throught the same. She could award me full points but still needs sorting.

We just can't understand why we just sat there and took it.


I understand, and the reason you both sat and took it is because you are good honest respectable people- + when you are feeling vulnerable and taken unaware like that, there isn't much you can do 💗


I lost my benefits a yr and half ago. I was assessed after making me sit in a waiting room for 3 hrs in agony. They said they were running late and could I come back at 8am the next morning.

I ended up in tears and was reluctantly taken in to see the Dr, as no way could I have gotten up at that time to get there. Needless to say he was not amused and desperate to get home.

I was in for an hour and was subjected to a series of quick fire questions some of which were extremely embarrassing as you can imagine. He typed all the way through interrupting me saying he only wanted a yes or no.

I had major brain surgery 11 yrs ago and have developed osteoarthritis, and fibromyalgia along with a whole lot of other problems. The report came back with the complete opposite of what my answers were.

An eg. He asked if I could get up on the table to be examined and when I made the attempt he told me not to bother as he would do it as I sat in the chair.

His report said I refused point blank. I certainly must have upset him that day as that was only one of his many negatives about me. I could appeal again but I don't know if I could go through the humiliation again.

What baffles me is that I was on it for 10yrs with no questions asked because of the severity of my brain aneurysm. How can they say I'm fitter now at 61. With more health issues on top of that. They are so ruthless and I don't blame you for being angry.

Good luck my friend keep me posted x


Did you appeal and what was the out come.

How I had only been sat there 15 minutes when I was just about to get up and ask how long it was going to be when she came and called my name. But here's the list I have fibromayia




L/4 L5 si one decompression of the dics


Extreme tiredness.

And IBS which I totally loose control some times and at the best,I need to get to a loo in under a minute or quicker

Hum what more do they want?


Hi again Newquay

I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry and appalled by how you are feeling about your assessment, and it could be quite therapeutic to make notes and list down in bullet form everything that was said to you, and how it was said.

However, I am worried that you are going to make yourself quite ill with a bad flare up if you allow this to keep going around and around in your head and do not give yourself time to rest and recuperate. By allowing yourself to feel this way constantly you are giving this person power over you to dictate your feelings and your thoughts, and please do not ever allow a person to have this kind of power over you as it is not worth the pain and suffering that you could end up enduring.

My advice (from my heart) is to rest, and get a good sleep. Then write down everything and contact the organisation that implemented the assessment. Ask them about the questions that you should have been asked, and inform them of the attitude of the assessor. Ask them to investigate the assessment and suggest that you are prepared to go for another with a different assessor if they feel the procure was compromised.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Thank you ken for your caring and kind words and advice.

I feel much better now I have wrote everything down.

My husband and I discussed about complaining this morning if we should wait till we get the result or talk to them about it before then we can't be accused of sour grapes because we don't like the out come.

Any way we decided now is best time so I rang DWP and they gave me ATOS tel no. So I rang and spoke to a very nice man and explained why I was doing it now, I gave him a few examples of what was said and especially the one about toilet needs he was applauded and told me that this is definitely not excitable, and he would send me a complaints form out straight away.

He also said that he has logged the few comments I have made already because this should never have happened in the first place.

When I asked him why wasn,t I asked if I needed help at night times he just said he can't understand that as this is one of the main criteria for higher level off PIP.

So from that I went to the dentist that was a much better experience.

Came home rang CAB up they were closed. Then I rang up my MP where I was advised when I had filled my complaint form in to take it down they will photo copy it, he will then discuss with me the way falward and if he feels justified after reading it he will be writing to ATOS on my behalf as well. So there we have it.

I have a holiday booked for beging of September with friends so if I get the form before I will sort it then shut door on it all and have a very relaxing hoilday in the sun with our own pool.

I would like to say I am so glad I found this site I am not upto date with using this iPad use it mainly for hay day lol.

Thank goodness there are people like you and others about to help us.

So god bless you and keep you safe. Ps love the Garden.


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I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with this, fingers crossed for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


I for got to say what ever the out come of my claim I am going to carry this on till the end, it is not about any result at all.

it's about being treated with respect

And a human being like we all deserve.

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Newquay, my post was to be similar to Ken -concern for your mental well being, with this rattling around your head constantly it is going to provide you with no rest but probably lots of physical and mental pain.

Maybe you could take a new notebook and write down everything that is buzzing around at the moment, date and time it. It may help you not only now but in the future.

Then when your head feels a little grounded-plan some nice treat for yourself -something to give you a positive focus and look forward to.

Don't drive yourself nuts, Newquay-you can bet the assessor slept ok last night.

Take care and look after yourself, on the inside and the outside.

(Sorry it's gone on a bit!).

Best wishes Pea 🌻

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Hiya thank you pea

Yes I have made note, it's now morning and still not slept.

I have rung DWP and they gave me ATOS telephone no.

So me and my husband was talking do we wait or do we let then know how will feel about the way in which we were both treated.

Top and bottom of it I have rung ATSO and made them aware I will be complaining, and that I have done it now before any decision are made because I want IT understood from the beging that this is not sour grape about any decision, because I don't know anything yet it's about the way in which we were treated and gave him a few examples, to which his reply was that's just nit good enough and I am really sorry.

I don't know what it is but something has snapped and I just have to do something about it to at least try to stop some poor sod having the same experience.

Any way update on new post.

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i have had similar experiences with the assessment done by 4 different (doctors) two out of the four were at least polite the other two made me so angry i walked out i have manage to win all four appeals simply because of the horrendous pain i was in on the actual day of appeal. how come two strangers only one of whom is a doctor can read you medical notes talk to you for 15 minutes and understand that you simply are not well enough . but those who wage is dependent on the box ticking exercise declaring you fit for some imaginary job with a saintly employer who doesn't sling your application straight in the bin when they see the long lists of your health problems...would it be nice to live in the world that they imagine it is. sorry for the ramble. fuzzy head.


I am so glad you won in the end but you shouldn't have been put through that. Your lucky they read your medical notes because when I ask her about reading my medical history and my diary she said she might give it a Curtis glance.

Mine is not about wining or losing I have no idea of my results as assessment was only yesterday.

This is about lack of respect, and being treated like a human being.

The way in which both were spoken to was totally out of order, uncalled for.

So no matter what I will take this to the very end. I could get a letter on Monday saying I can keep my car and money but you know what I won't drop the complaint at all.

I am going all the way to anyone who will listen.

Thank for posting

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