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Feeling Crap

Hi all,

Sorry in advance, but I have been feeling like a big pile of..........

It started on Friday when I had an a reaction to yet another med! :-/

It caused stabbing pains in my chest, that sent me to the GP, who told me stop taking the med (Arcoxia, an anti-inflammatory).

This has meant that I have been on edge ALL weekend and had 2 panic attacks on Saturday night and 3 on Monday. On top of all this I have been in pain for most of the weekend and the first part of the week, lots of chest pain and back pain, with a bit of arm pain thrown in when my body gets bored of the chest pain.

Despite all this I have been trying to carry on as normal and run my little business, but it is getting harder to deal with the pain and panic that comes from it, and keep working while I wait to see the rheumatologist for a diagnosis.

My GP doesn't seem to believe me on how I feel and keeps prescribing me meds even though I keep having reactions to them. Last time I saw him he suggested it was all psychosomatic except for a little bit of my chest pain as I had hurt my intercostal (rib) muscles.

Sorry about the long whiny post but I needed to get it out and off my chest!

Thanks for your patience


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Hi sorry you are having such a hard time. Maybe you should see a different GP just to see if they can offer you an alternative treatment. Hope you feel better soon x


I am so genuinely sorry to read of this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. I also think it may be beneficial to visit a different GP to ascertain what they can do for you?

All my hopes and dreams for you


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My surgery rang me late this evening to cancel my appointment but offered me a new one with a different GP at the surgery so I grabbed that! I will see where it goes next week a couple of days later than planned originally.

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That's great, good luck!



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