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Is anyone losing more hair than normal when brushing combing?


Hi for a good yr or so now i have been losing more hair than is normal when combing it with a wide toothed comb like the hair dressers use. my hair doesn't seem to look worse for it or thinner but i thought it worth asking.

Cheers me dears!!!

Soft hugs xxx

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Hi Pebbles :)

That's a good Q and yes for months and months now, tons of it when I wash it too :(

I put it down to being nearly 40, an age thingy :D I started to go white at 21 too so did my mum :-o

Not sure if its a side effect from one of my meds tho :-o

xxxzebxxx fluffie cuddles hunny

Fibrofoggiest in reply to Hidden

Wishes she could be nearly 40 again ..... :o :o

About 2 months ago my hairdresser said the words OMG and showed me a bald patch the size of a 50p coin! I have developed alopecia . Before that i had noticed my hair had lost it's bounce and not so dense but put it down to my age 50 and going through the mp but i've seen this mentioned a lot recently. It's so hard to find the reason when u suffer with fibro so i think it's a very good question huni, thank you for asking it xx

Hi yes for few years now my partner is always complaining that he is fed up of having to unblock the bath plug hole because of my hair. When I dry my hair I look in my mirror that is on my windowsill when I have finished it is covered with hair. I often joke that I will wake up one morning and it will be on my pillow. I know we do actually lose hair naturally but it is more than that. Like you doesn't look worse for it but I have noticed I have a very thin to bald patch in my hairline that I make a point of covering. It has been there a long time without really getting much worse. I also dye my hair so it could possibly have something to do with it. Wishing you a pain free day!

Thats a great question I agree!

I've noticed an excessive amount of hair loss on brushing or washing it.

I don't take any meds & I don't dye my hair either but I am going thro the MP, I've always just assumed it was the M.E. Causing it or just old age (52) but it's been doing it so long now & as you all say, I haven't really noticed any thinning or bald patches either.

Just another of life's many mysteries :)

Hi ladies,

I mentioned this to my hairdresser and she did remind me that it does tend to happen in phases, like the seasons. Her suggestion is a gentle shampoo and make sure to keep our vitamins and minerals supplemented as we probably need them more than other people.




I am the same when I comb my hair loads comes out, also when I was it. My hair doesn't seem any thinner though and the hairdresser says I have healthy hair. Hope this helps xx

Love your cupcake avatar Libby, did you make them? :-)

I did, it's how I get rid of the stresses of the day x

Wowski, they look wonderful, I too make them, it's such fun isn't it, and it takes what very little brain I have off the pain when I'm cooking. I have particularly good chocolate and peanut butter ones that people swoon over and I love carrot cakes ones with cream cheese, orange and vanilla topping. Well done you :-) :-)

Foggy x

They sound delicious. I go into my own little pain free world when I make then. Another lovely cake is a nigella laws on recipe chocolate and Guinness cake google it, it is fantastic x

Yup :D I've done that one, not for me but a friend quaffed or gobbled it, breaking speed records for consumption :D :D

Hi, this is something I suffer from and I worry about how thin it will get

I too lose quite a lot of hair every time I brush, comb, wash. I lost nearly all my hair when I was very ill at 28, it grew back very different to how it had been. Like I said I still lose it, but my hairdresser says what seems like losing a lot isn't unusual and that new hair comes through, that is except in alopecia, so that could be why you're not noticing it making your hair look worse or less Pebbles. Just a thought.

Foggy x

Hi ladies, alopecia to women usually happens for different reasons: pcos, hypothyroidism (I think also hyperthyroidism) and menopause. It's due to hormonal imbalances thta's why it also happens to pregnant women some of them even develop hypothyroidism although only temporarily. Also when you stop taking certain pills because your body needs to change its mode from thinking to be pregnant to normal.

We naturally shed hair every six months I think it is, but this doesn't mean we all have alopecia. Naturally shedding hair if you are basically looking after your hair's health is not very noticeable and alopecia really is.

I do happen to have pcos, hypothyroidism and fybro. With pcos you lose hair and your hair looks like crap all the time but with hypothyroidism is falls the way some of you describe and that's not normal. You need to check your thyroids, your androgen/testosterone levels and of course try to get some help from your gp to try to keep some hormonal balance with your menopause, sometimes some help is needed and can make a great difference.

If I keep these two problems under control I do not lose any hair that i really notice and my hair indeed looks great, my fybro doesn't seem to affect my alopecia. The bad news is that It's very common to have hypothyroidism for instance with fibro and/or some hormonal imbalance. I would check my testosteron and thyroid as soon as possible because you may be putting some other of the symptoms of these syndromes down to your fibro. Hypothyroidism has many symptoms that overlap with those of fibro and it can seriously makes them much much worse to the extend that losing your hair is the least to worry about.

Do check thyroid and androgen/testosterone levels is just a blood test - this goes for those in menopause too, not the androgens but the thyroid!!!!

Best of lucks to everyone

Hi there, I have lupus (SLE) along with fybro. One of the symptoms of lupus is hair loss (tho I don't have this luckily). Both conditions have very similar symptoms, tho blood tests can help diagnose lupus.

Having read all the replies seems like it could be due to other things but it is perhaps something worth checking out as the two conditions are often confused and lupus can damage organs. Probably isn't that but just thought worth mentioning due to similar symptoms.

Take care.

I also loose my hair to me it seems like loads but I'm sure it's not. I feel like I empty hair brush all the time !!!

Hi. Hair loss was a symptom of fms for me. I lost about 1/3 of the volume of hair on my head- about half of that being at the front especially around the hair line, so it appeared that my hair was receding. Once I got on top of my nutrition and exercise which allowed me to manage my symptoms, my hair started growing back. It is virtually back to normal now though the whole process has taken around 7 years. I got my hair cut short at the worst point so that I coujld force a bit of volume into it through styling and products, it made me feel a bit more feminine whilst my body rebelled against me. Good luck, Kate

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